The Vogue Collective. A brand new female band.

Hi all,

I was asked the other week to take some photos of a new fantastic girl group, who were having their debut night. 

Vogue collective battle of the bands london The Reveal

I googled the venue to try and get a feel for what the place had to offer. Great I thought!

I rocked up with a view in my mind of the venue and what shots I want. 

In reality - I turn up and was gob smacked at just how dark this place was!

The pictures off google now I realise must have been taken while the venue was closed, with all the lights on.

Certainly a good lesson to myself and something that I will be looking for in the future.

The stage was harshly lit with an incredibly dirty backdrop. So some serious post processing was needed.

The following images are of the girls, who I have to admit, were very good, and I will be looking forward to see them perform again.

Vogue collective battle of the bands Main Group Image

Vogue Collective consists of 5 god looking women who write and sing great songs.

In MY opinion they are not a cheesy girlie pop group, they certainly ooze talent and passion at what they do.

Look out for them and if they are playing in your town – go and see for your self, it will be a great evening.

Joey Bevan Vogue collective battle of the bands hair and make up
Vogue collective battle of the bands Corinne Burns mirror

The following images were lit by the huge flash light on the video guys video camera, which was great but for this to work you have to think fast and watch the scene set up infront of you.


A few words from the girls

“A new female band with a DIFFERENCE. Outstanding vocals, breath-taking performances, great songs.

This is NO girl group.

These are Five talented 'all Women' singers with a passion to succeed!

These five ladies- Becky, Corinne, Lucy, Melissa and Laurie are now VOGUE COLLECTIVE!”

Formed a month ago from competition ‘

Completing The Band

’UK UNSIGNED and founding band members

Becky Bray and Corinne Burns teamed up to form a band with a difference.....

They are currently taking bookings, 

Keep upto date with their latest news and videos on,