Courses Attended

IRATA rope access training course.

IRATA rope access ropes climbing Blackpool Training TALLON TALON NDT Harness offshore oil and gas north sea 02

Big apologies for not having a post for some time now, 

with work, the new house and the baby, my hands are pretty busy, 

but i couldn't be happier. 

I am planning a trip to the Brecon Beacons in the near future, which i am super excited about,

Here are some images i snapped on a recent rope access course. I was refreshing my IRATA Level 3's ticket and so was in for a weeks beasting!!

IRATA industrial rope access ropes climbing Blackpool Training TALLON TALON NDT Harness offshore oil and gas north sea 01

I can highly recommended the training over at

C&J training in Blackpool. The training centre comes under the Talon umbrella and John is a great trainer there. 

IRATA, rope access, ropes, climbing, Blackpool, Training, TALLON, TALON, NDT, Lee Ramsden, Photography, Harness, offshore, oil and gas, north sea 05

It was an informative week. I understand a few of you are photographers. This post has no relevance to you? 

But ask your self - How many times are you at work, and at height? up step ladders? on roofs? hanging out of a window? I know even you wedding photographers are guilty of this. This course is not for you, but take some time and look at the working at height guidelines. Hurting yourself is just not worth it. no work - no cash right?

Say your assistant takes a tumble, your insurance will turn their back if nothing is in place. Say good bye to your business, once you pay out the court fee's and the settlement. 

Here is what the HSE say about it. Thanks for reading. 

IRATA, rope access, ropes, climbing, Blackpool, Training, TALLON, TALON, NDT, Lee Ramsden, Photography, Harness, offshore, oil and gas, north sea 03
IRATA, rope access, ropes, climbing, Blackpool, Training, TALLON, TALON, NDT, Lee Ramsden, Photography, Harness, offshore, oil and gas, north sea 04

Damien Lovegrove's speed light street portraiture class.

I have attended one of Damien Lovegrove's Speed lighting course and was thoroughly impressed, 

It was set in Bristol, which is a good 3hr drive for me. 

On route the rain was bouncing so hard that visibility was near to none...

Arriving in Bristol the weather was grey, murky and dull... Where any normal person would go, forget this, kit back in the bag and go home. So i was very intrigued to see how Damien ticks in conditions like these... and from the images i was gob smacked, a lot even look like a glorious sunny day. 

Damien runs many courses, all over the world and so be sure to keep checking his

training website

and see if he is near you! 

Damien's bio - 

"Damien learned his trade as a cameraman and lighting director during 14 years at the BBC, working on programmes such as the Clothes Show, Top of the Pops and Casualty. Days off from filming were often spent taking photographs for a variety of top name clients including Peugeot, Motorola, and Adidas.

Then Julie made an entrance in his life and he realised that photography wasn't the only thing he was passionate about! She comes a very close second (yes, that is a joke) and anyone who has met Damien can't fail to be inspired and motivated by his enthusiasm for his second career. So much so that once you get him started on a subject it's hard to shut him up...

Fifteen years on, Damien has become one of the foremost trainers of photography and entrepreneurial business strategies in our industry. A published writer and regular columnist, Damien has traveled the globe sharing his knowledge and expertise.

NEWS: The Guild of Photographers has given it's ultimate accolade, that of 'Master of the Craft' to Damien Lovegrove in recognition of his skills and commitment to the art of photography and the training thereof. The award has only been given to 5 other photographers throughout the world! "

As you can see, not only can Damien talk the talk, he walks the walk better than most. 

Ive been a fan of his images for some time now, and so to see him work was fantastic. 

Its been said before, but if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. 

- All the following images were taken on a course... The lighting positions, model, locations were all chosen by Damien. -

Damien Lovegrove tutorial workshop
Damien Lovegrove workshop Bristol off camera lighting
Damien Lovegrove professional photography model Bristol
Damien Lovegrove professional teach training student
Damien Lovegrove signature lighting
Damien Lovegrove class learning how to flash light
Damien Lovegrove classic lighting techniques
Damien Lovegrove model teaching how to use off camera flash
Damien Lovegrove BBC lighting professional
Damien Lovegrove model lighting in Bristol
Damien Lovegrove setting up lights using a fuji X-pro1
Damien Lovegrove lighting workshop signature look
Damien Lovegrove reflection on hotel wall

This one i like, as other then the B+W processing, the effect was created in camera. 

A Brett Harkness training course.

Recently i attended a Flash lighting training course ran by the talented Brett Harkness. 

I throughly enjoyed myself and walked away with a head full of gold and things to try out to my own images. Here is the

training website

There are heaps of amazing courses to choose from, i can see where a lot of my future pay cheques are going.

Brett's bio -

"I have been a professional photographer in the uk now for over 10 years, previously working in the USA in Miami as a cruise ship photographer. In my eyes I am a photographer. I don't see it as a job, but who I am. I could be seen as the "go to" guy for all things people! I love to take photographs; whether it is a wedding, family shoot, commercial or travel assignment, fashion campaign or whilst teaching on one of our many courses."

I booked onto this course as i was blown away by Brett's images, if you want to be the best, then you learn from the best. 

There are so many tutors out there at the moment, who are offering high-end wedding training, and they have never done a high-end wedding -

Where as Brett does day in- day out... 

-The following images were taken on a course, Lighting positions, models, outfits, locations all chose by Brett and his team. -

Brett Harkness wedding model training
Brett Harkness flash lighting course
Brett Harkness signature through a door shot
Brett Harkness old building secret location
Brett Harkness lighting professional photographer
Brett Harkness displaying camera to students a photo genius
Brett Harkness model shoot world class photographer
Brett Harkness lighting a model on the floor training course
Brett Harkness using interesting building
Brett Harkness at work behind the scenes

Glyn Dewis Photoshop Course.

I recently attended a second course ran by

Glyn Dewis

and was thoroughly impressed.

Here are some images that were taken and edited on the day.

Glyn Dewis photo composite training image of Dave Clayton NAPP UK

Glyn teaches you how to take an image in the studio like the above, and then how to edit to the one below 

Glyn Dewis finished image photoshop world kelby one trainer

I have attended a couple of these courses now and throughly enjoy them, No matter what level of "photoshopper" you are, you will learn heaps from the new Kelbyone Photoshop world tutor.

Glyn's style of teaching is fantastic, he has loads of energy and you can feel the passion of what he teaches he clearly loves. I would strongly reccomend a course of his.

At the end of the course Glyn doesnt just shut the door behind you... The majority of the class heads over to the local curry house which is a great way to chill out and chat with like minded people.

The model above is the UK NAPP founder Dave Clayton, who is a great guy. And as you can see likes to dress up and have a laugh.

Cheers Guys, once again another fantastic course, learnt loads, met some great people and had a good crack in the process which is what its all about.

Is Photography social?

Is photography social?

If you like to photograph wild life, and sitting in a hide for weeks on end to catch a timid mountain lion and her cubs then photography is not that social for you, but if you are an out going person and likes to take images of other people then no doubt you will find it a very social profession where you are going to meet amazingly varied and interestingly different people.

Social Photography The art of photography London meet

Recently I attended 2 different environments in the photography world and was amazing how friendly and welcoming the photographer’s are. Ok there are some people who want to keep things to their chests and will snub others and try and put people down to make themselves feel big, but lets be honest you will find this in any profession, industry, sport, career etc etc…

I am a viewer of a photography podcast and one evening was watching the show, the presenter announced that he will be flying from Dallas to spend a weekend in London for his birthday and would like to do a photo meet up with his viewers that could make it on the day.

I was very skeptical at first about attending, as it’s the unknown. Will the others be better then I? Am I going to be judged? What will happen?

After much thought about it, and after taken a massive Mickey taken from the Mrs. I managed to persuade her to come with me and along we went. Luckly I didn’t pack the anorak this time….

It’s was great! We met such a huge mix of different photographers. Different in skill levels, images they like to shoot, and even format what people like to use.

Everyone who met has the same goal, met others who shame the same passion and like to talk about the common subject.

My second meet wasn’t really a meet but more of workshop full of other photographers. The workshop was to teach how to studio light a portrait ready to extract, and composite this nicely lit image.

Social photography Glyn Dewis training course

It was on this workshop I heard an interesting comment, which inspired me to come up with post.

One of the attendees on the course was talking to me about how he is very new to photography. He compared this new hobby to his others; he plays golf, 5-aside football and couldn’t believe how friendly other photographers where that he had met.  When playing golf its obviously competitive but also it comes along with a lot of stigma and strange aura.

There is just something about meeting up with others who share your passion and enjoy speaking openly about what they do, how they do it really inspires you and is interesting to learn new things. If you are thinking about attending a workshop or even a random meet up, I would strongly suggest that you go. You will no doubt meet some cool new people and come away feeling inspired to try new things and be creative.

Glyn Dewis Workshop

Glyn Dewis photoshop training course Dave Clayton

Well the other week i attended my first studio workshop ran by a Glyn Dewis. (UK's version of the photoshop guys) and i was highly impressed.

It was a half day workshop titled

"a workshop full of character"

and the aim is to give you the tools needed to try and create a fun image like the one above. Glyn sets up the lighting but gives you pretty much a free Raine to move the model where you want to in the light, and to pose him on how you see fit.

Once you are happy and have the image that you are after, you all then go through some photoshop techniques on how to create something different. Glyn shows you how to improve an image up to a nice respectable standard... and then the fun starts and you are taught how to push things and come up with great concepts and the fun really begins...

The day is broken up as follows-

  • RAW Conversions
  • Cleaning up your images (Dust spots etc…)
  • Removing Blemishes
  • Eyes (Brightening, add contrast, colour and sharpening)
  • Creating Texture/Adding Details
  • Dodging and Burning
  • Cut Outs (Getting the most out of Photoshop CS5 Refine Edge Command + Extracting using Channels for those using earlier versions of Photoshop)
  • Adding in the Background
  • Creating ‘The Look’
  • :)
  • Special Effects and lots more
Glyn Dewis photoshop composite training photo of Dave Clayton NAPP
Glyn Dewis training KelbyOne Media
Glyn Dewis training Dave Clayton Office background NAPP

My finished image, I can not take the credit for the lighting on Dave Clayton, who was a fantastic model. Or the style he was dressed. But i did really enjoy finding the stock images and coming up with a theme to produce the finished result.

Glyn Dewis Group course attendees photoshop composite course

The Art of Photography Podcast meet up.

The Art of photography Ted forbes london meet Group

As a regular viewer of Ted Forbes "

the art of photography

" podcast and a fan, i was excited to see that Ted and his good lady were coming over to London for a meet up/ photo walk.

We met up some great photographers, some of who had travelled a great distance to partake. 

Here are some of my favourite images that i took from the day. 

The art of photography Ted forbes

The main man him self, Ted Forbes.

The art of photography Ted forbes
The art of photography london meet more London the shard building
The art of photography meet us driving to london

Driving up to the train station nice and early...

The art of photography Kelly rear view mirror
The art of photography London tate gallery reflection

The art of photography London tate gallery reflection

I really liked the reflections in this cafe.

The art of photography london bourgh market
The art of photography Ernie hat
The art of photography London image
The art of photography men walking down the stairs
The art of photography London meet up

Camera's and beer... A quality afternoon if you ask me :0) 

The art of photography london meet up more london river Thames
The art of photography london meet tower bridge

Attend 1st Photography course on outdoor flash lighting.

I have recently been hooking up with Phil over at

Melen Studios

Phil was running an outdoor flash lighting course and so had to attend.

I have been a fan of flash photography, but just lack the knowledge how to use it properly. So a course was right up my street to push and progress my photography.

I would strongly recommend


ran by these guys-

a day outside with a load of cool down to earth people being creative sounds more like fun to me rather then a course.

Here are a few images from the day..

Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training a proffesional creative
Alister Peck Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training
Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training happy guy
Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training teaching flash lighting
Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training male model
Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training female model