London Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster on the River Thames. London

<img src="London river Thames.jpg" alt="Big Ben Westminster houses of parliament government Lee Ramsden capital city london bridge clock face">  

Nikon D800 f11 5min ISO100 24-70mm@50mm - taken 04:46hrs

<img src="Big ben.jpg" alt="westminster river Thames London Bridge houses of Parliament reflection long exposure lee ramsden">

Nikon D800 f8 30sec ISO100 24-70mm@50mm - taken 04:33hrs

A couple of images taken from Jubilee bridge in London of Big Ben, westminster and London bridge on the river Thames. The difference to the colouring is not photoshop, it is time. 

From checking the META data to these files there are 13 minutes difference from when they were taken. Its amazing how fast the sky changes and it can dramatically change the feel to your image.

Alarm set at 3am, drove into London and set up for 4am. 0520hrs sunrise time, my fave time to shoot is just before sunrise, and the time on the above files are 0433hrs and 0446hrs. 

For long exposure images like this, i use Lee Filters. Either the big stopper which is a 10 stop filter or the 0.9 Neutral density filter. 


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Lytham Time lapse iPhone images.

Kessler crane timer oracle controler control count down timelapse uk england

Here are a few iPhone images taken whilst i was waiting for a time lapse set up to complete.

As you can see from the above image i had 4 and a half hours to kill...

Kessler crane timer oracle controler control count down timelapse uk england cineslider slide

The Kessler Cineslider. So far I'm pretty impressed with this bit of kit. Each time i take a time-lapse it gets tweaked and set up slightly different. Using lighting stands and moveable heads with the aid of a spirit level helps no end in getting the shoot straight from start to finish. 

time lapse rig kessler sun set colours nikon d700 iphone iphonography slider estury sea beach colours golden hour

My old Nikon D700 is now used for the time lapse work.  

Lytham life boat jetty pier esturay beach sea sand black and white
Lytham St Annes Lancashire England windmill sea beach sand grass bright blue sky church spire iphone image iphonography iPhone4s lee ramsden photography

Lytham green and windmill. 

The new family - day to day camera set up...


Thought id share a couple of notes regarding the new family / day to day camera set up. 

Like most in the new year i thought that it was time to clear out some of the old equipment no longer in use, and so i hit eBay with a ton of gear. 

One item was the fuji X-pro1. This was an item that did get a lot of use, but something with the files i just thought needed to be better. The fuji X-T1 has amazing write ups and at present is fuji's mirror-less flagship camera. This camera has been out for a little while now and so i thought was time to upgrade. I bought this little beauty off eBay and if you shop around and don't get carried away with the bidding there are some good deals to be had. 

Why the upgrade? I originally bought the X-pro1 to use as a day to day camera, as with now having a family its near on impossible to lug around a Nikon D800, couple of lenses, a nappy bag, buggies, a wriggling child and all the other child related paraphernalia. 

so it was time to go mirror-less. 

( I kept the Nikon for my professional work and times where I'm child free)

After being with the Fuji for around 12 months i do love the system, but was always dispointed with the files when in RAW conversion software. 

I know many will argue, and many have with me, 

but in my opinion the fuji files are

no comparison

to what the Nikon produces.

End of the day these are tools and are used for different purposes. 

The fuji system even though is primarily used to document my family growing, the end product files end up in different formats. Some end up on a different website (for family and close friends to view) The little ones iPad, i print albums and make prints to hang around the house, so quality is important to me. 

Last years albums were created by Loxley colour and wow! (blog post to follow on this) 

Some images in the album are from our iPhone 4's, the Nikon DSLR and the X-pro1. 

Could you tell the difference between them? Id recon that you would have a good stab at it. 

My Fuji X-T1 setup, 

Fuji  XT1 comparison tilt screen camera mirrorless upstrap 35mm f,1.4 lightweight electronic shutter

iPhone 4s 1/40th f2.4

Now i am not going to pixel peep at 1000% or write up the facts and figures as there are a million websites out there about this camera, and with fuji's aggressive marketing campaigns and their many endorses you will find lots of websites of that nature. 

I thought id share my setup, I have serious GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) for the new fuji X100T, but i thought why do i want one so bad. Well not only do they look amazing, i liked the idea of not carrying anything apart from a camera in a case, with not lugging a bag around but the not being able to change the lens does bother me. 

So i thought that i would create the best of both worlds with my X-T1 setup. 

I bought an 


 camera strap, which is by far the best strap I've come across. 

I got the fuji half leather case, (case would be a term Id use lightly) but it does offer bit of protection and feels good to hold. 

That's simply it... 

With keeping the other lens I own in a pocket i have best of both worlds with a simple lightweight small set up with interchangeable lenses. 

I'm trying something new also, I shoot in RAW but add the mono chrome filter. 

I really want to be able to take better Black and White images and so thought if all I'm viewing is mono tone this may help me...   

You might not be aware but if you shoot in RAW and add a filter in camera, it's still the coloured RAW file that you end up with. What you view in the camera LCD screen is a colour converted JPG and not the RAW file. And so by me only viewing in B&W i can use the colour file if i chose too. 

I have not pushed this camera too much or been in testing conditions for comparisons with the Xpro1 as this is a new purchase but a couple of notes. 

I am loving the tilty screen. This I thought I would never use it as its a bit of a gimmick, but shooting low at the little ones level it's pretty awesome, and after the recent firmware up date it can shoot from 4000th to 32000th sec with some electronic shutter, so can use large apertures in bright light. 

I was using the 35mm Lens at f1.4 before in bright sunlight with out the need of ND filters which was cool. 

On the whole it looks amazing and I'm liking the improvements.

Fuji XT1 comparison tilt screen camera mirrorless upstrap 35mm f,1.4 lightweight electronic shutter

iPhone 4s 1/30th f2.4

Timelapse attempt.

Time Lapse Kessler Crane Lytham St Annes green Nikon D700 shutter rig

Good morning, 

That was me up at 0430am to try my first sunrise timelapse. I am using the Kessler crane 3 foot cine slider and motion control unit. 

First impressions are very good. The slider is incredibly smooth and with the parallax system you can create some interesting movements. 

I aim (weather dependant) to be up each morning this week and will post a montage video of my results. 



A cold trip to Helvellyn.

Helvellyn Lake District cold morning Nikon D800 Lee Ramsden Cumbria tent camping night

Nikon D800 f8 1.5seconds ISO100 with various flash bursts around the scene.


Last week i headed out to try and take some pics up Helvellyn in the lakes. I was losing light as i didn't plan on the amount of weight i carried would slow me down so much, and so i pitched up here rather then planned for the evening. 

I awoke at 3am and the place was covered in snow. At first light there was an absolute white out, and was very thankful for carrying a GPS with me as navigating would of been near on impossible in zero visibility. 

So photo wise it was a failure but a good heavy load carry is a well received for a bit of Phys after the indulgent new year. 

Helvellyn, Lakes, Lake District,  Naked, walking boots, Tent, cold

Nikon D800 f5.6 1/50th ISO800

Brrrrrrr a fresh morning.....

Helvellyn Lake District Cumbria camping breakfast jetboil stove

Nikon D800 f2.8 1/50th ISO5000 Lit with red head light.

Breakfast for a king... 



Blackpool on a Shitty Afternoon.

Blackpool Seasside Lancashire Lee Ramsden bad weather long exposure

Nikon D800 61sec F14 ISO 100

Hi all and Happy New year.

Apologise for the tittle to this post, but i am climbing the walls to do a shoot and so headed out this afternoon. Not much going on but thought that was kind cool.

Sorry I'm no good at making flamboyant arty titles up like most, there seems to be more thought gone into the title then the image in a lot of cases.

I aim to head up to the lakes at the end of the week if i have not returned to Scotland for my day job.

Hope you are well.


Metal Prints. Loxley Colour.

Hi all,

Hope that you are all set and ready for the festive period about to kick in.

If not...... good luck.

Just a quick one today, thought id Share an image of a print i have recently had made for me by the guys over at

Loxley Colour. 

Loxley, Loxley Colour, Alumini Print, Aluminium, Shard, London, Photography, buy, order, contact

I decided on ordering a metal print, to really make this print shine. I am truly speechless, the quality is fantastic. The turn around from order to your front door is also really impressive.

I was never a fan of the metal prints, but maybe it is just i have never seen the right image displayed. A landscape or a high saturated image really shines and looks impressive, a blurred HDR picture from your iPhone of your dog or selective colour will not benefit being printed on metal, never.....

This is Loxley's largest metal print size, 60x40 inch. I sent them an image with a size of 30x20 and they managed to double the size perfectly.

This is not a cheap print though, but i feel it is worth every penny. You certainly pay for quality.

This photo of me stood with it does it no justice what so ever...

Something you really have to see in person!

I had made some framed prints for clients and am very impressed.

We will certainly be sticking with Loxley Colour now for all our professional prints.

Have a great festive holiday and hope to see you in the new year.


Whilst making the Christmas image.

While i was trying the create the Christmas image, i really wanted to show some movement, and so i tried using continuous light and a slow shutter speed, while a strobe on rear curtain sync pops to freeze some motion.

Double light exposure flash strobe continuous light tutorial playing painting with light

Here is the image, i thought that it would work with, but proved to be a nightmare to select the movement and remove from this image. Next time i try this technique i feel a studio and back drop will be required to play with.

Double light exposure flash strobe continuous

 Me playing with painting with light. This image i have a continuous light on as well as the strobe to create two of me in the single shot. Used the torch app on the iPhone to paint with.

Double light exposure, flash strobe, continuous light tutorial playing play time painting with light

 Here i turned off the continuous light and only used a strobe on rear curtain sync to illuminate me at the end of the letter, rather then the start. 

Double light exposure Christmas fun tutorial

Playing about.

Double light exposure play time painting with light Lee Ramsden

 Playing with colour as well as two light sources.

This is a single image rather then a photoshop creation.

Christmas picture editor

My new little photo editor is a hard one to please :)

The "ryan brenizer" Method.

Pregnancy Pregnant Birth Sunset Balloons Woods Woodlands ryan brenizer technique stitched photoshop multi image Autopano Giga software

Thought id explain a little into a new technique that i have tried out.

This was my first attempt and so go easy on me.

For you out there that have not yet came across the "Ryan Brenizer method" here is a

link to his work

This image was made up of 50 images.

To create the DOF, you need to be to fairly close to your subject, using a focal length of around 85mm+ and with  the highest aperture you can go,

this was shot at f1.4.

Take the shot of your subject, keeping your feet still, pan around overlapping the shots by around 50%

Below you can see the images used. click on the image to see them larger. 

Kelly Moss Ramsden pregnancy ryan brenizer how to technique photo stiching

To create the f1.4 i used a neutral density filter and as you can see used an Elinchrom Quadra to light the subject.

I have found Autopano Giga much more accurate at stitching then photoshop.

Kelly moss ramsden pregnancy ryan brenizer technique how to

Here is the final stitched image in Photoshop. 

You can see the light stand and parts missing to the image, 

this was my mistake, i did not overlap the images enough when shooting them, and so the software struggled to identify the gaps. 

A little re-touching, deleted the light stand, added some warmth i arrived at the final image. 

*Few tips -

that i have learnt and will be putting in place next time. 

Ill be shooting in jpeg rather then RAW, 

using the D800 the raw file sizes are immense, and kept filling up the buffer, really slowing down the process. If i shoot correctly colour balanced jpegs the post processing will be much quick too. 

Overlap much more each image to give the software a fighting chance.

Oh and not use a moving subject like balloons, boy that didn't half make the Photoshop work a head ache... worth it in the end though. 

Well thats enough of my ramblings on, hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

As always any questions or comments feel free to contact, 

either on here or through the contact page on my




Canary Wharf London.

London river Thames canary wharf ponoramic iPhone photography

With recently spending some time at the in-laws waiting for the baby to arrive, i have used the time to head out and about at sunrise 

Above is an iPhone image of my location on the Thames. 

Alarm call for 02:15hrs - and headed out, just a shame the weather did not really play ball, but thats landscape photography for you. 

Below is the image created by the d-slr.

This is certainly a location ill revisit to try and capture an image of more what i had in my mind. 



Canary Wharf London Isle of dogs Thames financial

15 minute exposure using Lee filters big stopper and circular polariser. 

Polarising Filter.


Today is just a quick post, but wanted to try and show the importance of using a circular polarising filter. Here you can see from a shot of London from the View at the Shard, i had to shoot through a window.

With out a polarising filter

This image you can see the reflections in the glass from inside of the building. 

With a polarising filter fitted

By using a polarising filter, it is not perfect, but seriously cuts out the reflections and so saves you much more time having to edit less.

Like always if you have any questions please feel free to post in the comments. 

Hope that you enjoy the rest of your Sunday... 


London view at the Shard gallery London Uk Tower Bridge HMS Belfast

The above image would not have been able to been created so clean without a polarising filter. 



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The View at The Shard London photography tips.

Hi, how are you? 

I hope that you are well, while I'm stuck out at work on the rig for a month....

mobile, iphone, Lee, Ramsden, London, The View From The Shad, Landscape, Photography, Lancashire, HDR

Last week for the Mrs's birthday we took a trip to the new viewing platform in the Shard building- London.

72 floors high you get an incredible view of London.

You have to book in advance, and pick your time slot, i was particular in that i wanted sunset to dark.

After googling the timings i was happy that we would catch the setting sun, but just had to have our fingers crossed for the weather :0)

london View from the Shard HMS Belfast river Thames Tower Bridge

As you can see, we were so very lucky in the weather front, after so much snow and bad weather recently.

I wanted to give a couple of tips that i found so handy while shooting here.

and these tips will not only help if you fancy going up the Shard but I'm guessing 99.9% of tourist locations.

Tip 1

- The venue Tripod ban...

A lot of tourist venues have a tripod ban and so you are not allowed to enter with / or use one.

Manfrotto G clamp

As you can see i over came this by using a Manfrotto magic arm, and super clamp. 

The security observed me using this and did not bother in the slightest. 

While using the clamp and magic arm, i treated it like a tripod and so was using my cable release to gain much longer shutter speeds. 

Tip 2

- Don't for get your polariser filter.

To try and reduce the reflections you gain shooting through the glass, a circular polariser filter is not perfect, but cuts down the problem loads. 

Nothing will stop the other members of public and their point and shoots, using the flash - still amazed at what they recon the on camera flash will light up. 

That its, i can really recommend the Shard, it was a fantastic experience. 

Keep in touch in the comments bar bellow...




Long exposure using Lee Filters.

With recently purchasing some

Lee filters

i wanted to get out and have a play.

My mate Phil and i, headed out to London, i wanted try a show movement of people, and rush hour in London is ideal as its full of hustle and bustle.

Phil Richardson Yellowmelen tutorial workshop Long exposure london optimist tshirt

These images were shot at f16 with a 5 second shutter delay. Using ND filters they help you to achieve the long shutter speeds required for a shot like this. 

Phil Richardson Yellowmelen long exposure in London

I used a .09 ND filter for these images but i do also own the Lee 10 stop Big stopper. Which is an amazing filter used to achieve really really slow shutter speeds.  



Many thanks


My little Panasonic GF1 still blows me away sometimes...

The Following image was taken with my little Panasonic GF1, 

and sometimes it still shocks me with the quality that it knocks out... 

Ok this isn't a PhaseOne, or a nikon D4, but for a crappy point and shoot camera that lives in my jacket pocket.. it certainly packs a punch. 

I have


before about this camera, which cost me £120 off ebay.

Here is an image taken in a night club, it was really dark to the mark1-eyeball and so i thought that the camera wouldn't stand a chance.

Amsterdam Lumix GF1 low light high ISO amazing camera cafe de paridiso rega bouncy castle lion dj

Lumix GF1 f3.2 - 1/50 - ISO800

Bouncy castle, Lions, and an African DJ... only in Amsterdam.

Behind the Scenes / Lee Snowden

Lee Snowden behind the scenes lighting

My lighting set up of an image of Lee Snowden. 

The image of Lee as you can see was lit with 2 off camera speed lights. One to the front left to illuminate his face, and another bare to the right to try and create a high light down his side. 

Lee Snowden behind the scenes MET Bedfordshire police traffic cops on motor bikes

While out shooting a load of Police came by, luckly not for us :0)

Lee Snowden shoot guy jumps off dunstable downs

While at the location of the top image, this guy was setting up to jump.

Fair play! id love a go.


Thanks Lee.

GF1 Adventure.

Lumix GF1 images Holly statue


I wanted to post some images that were recently taken on my Lumix GF1

I am certainly loving this little point and shoot camera. I have a fixed 20mm prime lens for it, which i find to be a great tool on improving your photography. When using a prime lens you are restricted to compose by using...- your feet!

If you want a tighter crop then walk closer, and so it is certainly making me look at things differently.

Having a little point and shoot on your person is great so you don't miss anything when you are out and about conducting your day to day business.

Lumix GF1 images light dark light Cambridge

The Above image is a great example to this, the Mrs and i were out in Cambridge to get a spot of lunch, walking towards the restaurant we walked past this tiny alley way. I stopped,

I took a step back and was loving how the light was playing a huge part in making the contrast you see. I took a quick shot and off for some grub.

Over time i will be adding some more "snappy" shots that i take with the GF1. I hope that you enjoy.

Lumix GF1 images London train
Lumix GF1 images London under ground
Lumix GF1 images Lake district Kendal
Lumix GF1 images beach stones lake side
Lumix GF1 images Kelly moss ramsden Lake district
Lumix GF1 images London ale bar beer 
Lumix GF1 images London alley way bar Lamb and Lion Covent garden

Think Tank Retrospective 30.

Think Tank Retrospective 3.0 camera bag best in the world multiple images

I have recently purchased the ThinkTank Retrospective 30 shoulder camera bag and im very impressed.

So i thought that i would share my thoughts.

As any photographer will tell you once you have a camera bag the buying will never stop.

I have numerous bags now... obviously for different jobs and not for collectomaniac reasons 

With the recent purchase of a couple of larger zoom lenses, i was after a larger shoulder bag.

Im a BIG fan of Think Tank, their products are bomb proof and look great.

Think Tank Retrospective 3.0 camera bag Logo
Think Tank Retrospective 3.0 camera bag best in the world logo on the zip
Think Tank Retrospective 3.0 camera bag best in the world closed bag

I am a big fan of bags that do not shout out, that this is a camera bag full of expensive kit, and so the subtle styling of the Retrospective range is right up my street. There isn't even a large Think Tank label.

Think Tank Retrospective 3.0 camera bag best in the world silencer.jpg

This is a nice feature, The large opening flap is velcro fastened. There is an option to cover the velcro to silence you opening the bag. This will be great at weddings and other events where you are trying to remain inconspicuous. 

Think Tank Retrospective 3.0 camera bag best in the world open

Large space, with moveable inserts allowing you to customise for your equipment. 

Think Tank Retrospective 3.0 camera bag best in the world on white back ground

Stylish, inconspicuous design.

Think Tank Retrospective 3.0 camera bag best in the world carrying 3 large nikon lenses

Large enough even for your 70-200mm lens, The Retrospective 30 can fit some telephoto zoom lenses attached to a DSLR, facing sideways in the bag..

The Retrospective series is comprised of four shoulder bags and two lens changer bags.  Created for the professional photographer that wants to blend in with the crowd and remain inconspicuous in any situation.  Our product designers have blended the look and feel of "old-school" camera bags and infused it with "new-school" features and technology for the digital imaging age.  

Top Features:

  • Minimalist outer appearance conceals expensive photo equipment
  • Carries a pro size DSLR with standard zoom lens attached
  • Wider size to fit a 70-200 f2.8 attached to DSLR facing sideways
  • Accommodates 2-4 lenses in main compartment with 2 DSLR bodies in front pockets
  • Two front pockets to carry pro size DSLRs (bodies only)
  • Organizer pocket built into main compartment for pens, note pad, batteries, etc.
  • Choice of two different colors, black or pinestone, to suit the situation
  • Hook and Loop “Sound Silencers” on the front flap eliminate noise while opening the bag
  • Soft, adjustable shoulder strap with cushioned non-slip pad
  • Clear business card holder under front flap
  • Removable short carrying handle for convenience
  • Seam-sealed rain cover included for protection against the elements

Gear Profile:

  • 1 pro size DSLR with standard zoom lens attached and 1 - 3 additional lenses, including a 70-200 f2.8
  • 2 pro size DSLRs (bodies only) in front pockets and 2 - 4 lenses in main compartment, including a 70-200 f2.8
  • 1 pro size DSLR with 70-200 f2.8 attached, facing sideways and 1-2 additional lenses.

Photographer Profile:

  • Photojournalists and travel photographers

Technical Specifications:

  • ID:  15” W x  9.5” H x 6” D (38 x 24 x 15.2 cm)*
  • *bag softness and flexibility allows expansion to carry a pro size DSLR with lens attached, facing down
  • OD:  16” W x 10.5” H x 7” D (40.6 x 26.7 x 17.8 cm)
  • Weight:  3.2 lbs (1.5 kg)
  • Lifetime Warranty

Few behind the scenes images.

I am currently trying more and more to improve and learn flash photography. I love natural lighting work, and would never try and annoy my clients with flashes going off at a wedding or event

With portraiture work and bridal shots I find flash lighting  can certainly aid in creating great images.

Here is a quick image showing with and without additional lighting.


As you can see the model certainly stands out and the image looks much better with additional lighting. It is as you can imagine not just a simple task of  turn on your flash and away you go. Some thought and testing has to be done.

From the images you can see in both that the background is how I wanted it.

Using a speed light in these images I didn’t use a light meter. I took an image without the light to get the back ground exposure correct and then I add the light.

Starting with the speed light on around half power and then I can turn the power up or down according to the exposure, or move the light source towards or further away from the model.

As always im learning while I do this, one thing I learnt from this shoot while lighting was to try and not to light the back ground so much. As you can see in the image above with the lighting, I love how the model stands out, but I would like her to stand out from the background more. From analyzing the images back at home on a large screen I think next time I will try and get the light too fall off the model better and not illuminate the background so much.

 Here are a few images of behind the gear, and from the serious shots before you can see how we have fun and laugh taking pictures.

All the images were lit with a single Nikon sb900 speed light in a ezylight soft box by lastolite.

snow outdoor flash light Ashridge Berkhamsted Hertfordshire 02
Nikon SB900 Exy soft box Kelly Moss Ramsden snow outdoor flash light Ashridge Berkhamsted Hertfordshire 01