Fuji Xt1

Electronic shutter vs Mechanical shutter.

fuji x-t1 manual shutter displaying movement


just a quick one as i am sure a lot of you are more experienced with this than myself. 

Whilst traveling to work i was taking some pictures on the flight. To avoid the cabin crew scowl i turned the Fuji X-T1's shutter from Mechanical to electronic. 

It is permanently set on the Mechanic mode, as in the past, i accidentally put it onto electronic and it would not fire the off camera flashes. To prevent that happening again, it is a setting i do not change. 

This occasion due to the silence of the electronic shutter, it would be a perfect solution.

Just for a demonstration and comparison, as i didn't want to take pictures of the planes propellers.

Have a look at the two images. The top image is the conventional mechanical shutter. And the lower is the electronic. I found it really interesting how the shutters create different images. 



Fuji X-T1 Electronic shutter causing mishaped movement long exposures

The new family - day to day camera set up...


Thought id share a couple of notes regarding the new family / day to day camera set up. 

Like most in the new year i thought that it was time to clear out some of the old equipment no longer in use, and so i hit eBay with a ton of gear. 

One item was the fuji X-pro1. This was an item that did get a lot of use, but something with the files i just thought needed to be better. The fuji X-T1 has amazing write ups and at present is fuji's mirror-less flagship camera. This camera has been out for a little while now and so i thought was time to upgrade. I bought this little beauty off eBay and if you shop around and don't get carried away with the bidding there are some good deals to be had. 

Why the upgrade? I originally bought the X-pro1 to use as a day to day camera, as with now having a family its near on impossible to lug around a Nikon D800, couple of lenses, a nappy bag, buggies, a wriggling child and all the other child related paraphernalia. 

so it was time to go mirror-less. 

( I kept the Nikon for my professional work and times where I'm child free)

After being with the Fuji for around 12 months i do love the system, but was always dispointed with the files when in RAW conversion software. 

I know many will argue, and many have with me, 

but in my opinion the fuji files are

no comparison

to what the Nikon produces.

End of the day these are tools and are used for different purposes. 

The fuji system even though is primarily used to document my family growing, the end product files end up in different formats. Some end up on a different website (for family and close friends to view) The little ones iPad, i print albums and make prints to hang around the house, so quality is important to me. 

Last years albums were created by Loxley colour and wow! (blog post to follow on this) 

Some images in the album are from our iPhone 4's, the Nikon DSLR and the X-pro1. 

Could you tell the difference between them? Id recon that you would have a good stab at it. 

My Fuji X-T1 setup, 

Fuji  XT1 comparison tilt screen camera mirrorless upstrap 35mm f,1.4 lightweight electronic shutter

iPhone 4s 1/40th f2.4

Now i am not going to pixel peep at 1000% or write up the facts and figures as there are a million websites out there about this camera, and with fuji's aggressive marketing campaigns and their many endorses you will find lots of websites of that nature. 

I thought id share my setup, I have serious GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) for the new fuji X100T, but i thought why do i want one so bad. Well not only do they look amazing, i liked the idea of not carrying anything apart from a camera in a case, with not lugging a bag around but the not being able to change the lens does bother me. 

So i thought that i would create the best of both worlds with my X-T1 setup. 

I bought an 


 camera strap, which is by far the best strap I've come across. 

I got the fuji half leather case, (case would be a term Id use lightly) but it does offer bit of protection and feels good to hold. 

That's simply it... 

With keeping the other lens I own in a pocket i have best of both worlds with a simple lightweight small set up with interchangeable lenses. 

I'm trying something new also, I shoot in RAW but add the mono chrome filter. 

I really want to be able to take better Black and White images and so thought if all I'm viewing is mono tone this may help me...   

You might not be aware but if you shoot in RAW and add a filter in camera, it's still the coloured RAW file that you end up with. What you view in the camera LCD screen is a colour converted JPG and not the RAW file. And so by me only viewing in B&W i can use the colour file if i chose too. 

I have not pushed this camera too much or been in testing conditions for comparisons with the Xpro1 as this is a new purchase but a couple of notes. 

I am loving the tilty screen. This I thought I would never use it as its a bit of a gimmick, but shooting low at the little ones level it's pretty awesome, and after the recent firmware up date it can shoot from 4000th to 32000th sec with some electronic shutter, so can use large apertures in bright light. 

I was using the 35mm Lens at f1.4 before in bright sunlight with out the need of ND filters which was cool. 

On the whole it looks amazing and I'm liking the improvements.

Fuji XT1 comparison tilt screen camera mirrorless upstrap 35mm f,1.4 lightweight electronic shutter

iPhone 4s 1/30th f2.4