Long Exposure

Volvo V50 - play with a car rig.

Volvo V50 Car Photography Rig mounting Hague Manfrotto poles

Nikon D800 f10 1/30th ISO800 (multiple flash exposure)

I know that we are all guilty of this, i purchased some camera kit, and it has just sat there for months unused... (this is just me? - yeah right)

And so it was time to have a play. I purchased some car rig - mounting equipment. For making the movement shots you see in magazines.

Volvo V50 Car Photography Rig mounting Hague Manfrotto

Nikon D800 f5 1/13th ISO 800

Here is a final shot, with using a slower shutter speed to give the sense of movement, i would of been blurred in the shot, and so inside the car is a strobe light, set to rear curtain sync to give a pop of light to freeze me, and make me sharper. 

I triggered the camera and flash using pocket wizard 3's. I find these work a treat. I have one in my hand, and when i press the button the camera fires, and the flash. 

Volvo V50 Car, Photography Rig mounting Hague Manfrotto poles motion

Nikon D800 f3.2 1/15th ISO 400

A Shot of the mounting system attached to the bonnet. 

Volvo V50 Car Photography Rig mounting Hague Manfrotto poles motion car photography

Nikon D800 f5 1/13th ISO800

Added another pole to extend the reach of the camera. I felt the camera was too heavy for this though, as the poles were worryingly bending, and so only a very slow speed was used when driving.

Here is a short Video of the top image, being taken and processed. 



Blackpool on a Shitty Afternoon.

Blackpool Seasside Lancashire Lee Ramsden bad weather long exposure

Nikon D800 61sec F14 ISO 100

Hi all and Happy New year.

Apologise for the tittle to this post, but i am climbing the walls to do a shoot and so headed out this afternoon. Not much going on but thought that was kind cool.

Sorry I'm no good at making flamboyant arty titles up like most, there seems to be more thought gone into the title then the image in a lot of cases.

I aim to head up to the lakes at the end of the week if i have not returned to Scotland for my day job.

Hope you are well.


Whilst making the Christmas image.

While i was trying the create the Christmas image, i really wanted to show some movement, and so i tried using continuous light and a slow shutter speed, while a strobe on rear curtain sync pops to freeze some motion.

Double light exposure flash strobe continuous light tutorial playing painting with light

Here is the image, i thought that it would work with, but proved to be a nightmare to select the movement and remove from this image. Next time i try this technique i feel a studio and back drop will be required to play with.

Double light exposure flash strobe continuous

 Me playing with painting with light. This image i have a continuous light on as well as the strobe to create two of me in the single shot. Used the torch app on the iPhone to paint with.

Double light exposure, flash strobe, continuous light tutorial playing play time painting with light

 Here i turned off the continuous light and only used a strobe on rear curtain sync to illuminate me at the end of the letter, rather then the start. 

Double light exposure Christmas fun tutorial

Playing about.

Double light exposure play time painting with light Lee Ramsden

 Playing with colour as well as two light sources.

This is a single image rather then a photoshop creation.

Christmas picture editor

My new little photo editor is a hard one to please :)

Canary Wharf London.

Here is an image of Canary Wharf.

canary wharf London Photography Train line Long Exposure light trails

This image came about after alot of scouting on google maps, and street view.

From the way the road intersects with the rail line i thought that it would be worth checking out.

If you take you time and plan where you want to be at sun rise certainly goes a long way.

Hope you are having a great weekend.


Canary Wharf London.

London river Thames canary wharf ponoramic iPhone photography

With recently spending some time at the in-laws waiting for the baby to arrive, i have used the time to head out and about at sunrise 

Above is an iPhone image of my location on the Thames. 

Alarm call for 02:15hrs - and headed out, just a shame the weather did not really play ball, but thats landscape photography for you. 

Below is the image created by the d-slr.

This is certainly a location ill revisit to try and capture an image of more what i had in my mind. 



Canary Wharf London Isle of dogs Thames financial

15 minute exposure using Lee filters big stopper and circular polariser. 

Long exposure using Lee Filters.

With recently purchasing some

Lee filters

i wanted to get out and have a play.

My mate Phil and i, headed out to London, i wanted try a show movement of people, and rush hour in London is ideal as its full of hustle and bustle.

Phil Richardson Yellowmelen tutorial workshop Long exposure london optimist tshirt

These images were shot at f16 with a 5 second shutter delay. Using ND filters they help you to achieve the long shutter speeds required for a shot like this. 

Phil Richardson Yellowmelen long exposure in London

I used a .09 ND filter for these images but i do also own the Lee 10 stop Big stopper. Which is an amazing filter used to achieve really really slow shutter speeds.  



Many thanks


Night Photography.

Friday evening, myself and Phil Richardson of

YellowMelen Studio

 headed out upto Dunstable Downs for a play with some night photography.

What good fun. Setting up a camera for 2 minute + exposures and running around with torches and setting off speed lights and awaiting to see the result was something very new and interesting. 

Dunstable downs long exposure night photography national trust shop

This image is hard to believe that it was taken in total darkness. 

Dunstable downs national trust shop at night long exposure
Dunstable downs long exposure night photography

4 minute Exposure. 

Dunstable downs long exposure night photography clouds
Dunstable downs national trust building at night with name written with a torch
Dunstable downs long exposure night photo car head lights
Dunstable downs long exposure