Horse's- some body, please help me understand..

Here is just a quick image of a horse that i have seen locally in a field near to where i live.

Its covered in flies and smells, so please someone help me understand the love and admiration people have for these animals?

Is it a status thing? "ooo we own a horse"?

or do they really give you joy and love back?

They cost an arm and leg in bills, and unless you have a nice plot of land,

will live miles away from your home.

To be honest my dislike is the blank look they have...

A dog say, if it is going to kill you its obvious,

from the signs of foaming at the mouth, the narly teeth and just general vibe.

Where as a horse...

It might kill you, or want to mate with you,

and you will never know...

Dirty Horse flies on its nose