First event shoot.

Well where to start with this one,

I was asked by my Cousin and his Mrs, if I could document the Naming Ceremony of their gorgeous little boy.

I was very excited to be given this challenge, 

but then you get the guilt, 

"will i be good enough", 

"can i produce the goods", 

on one hand you think its fine as they are family and not paying customers, but just as fast you think this, 

its then you realise that being family, you know everyone who will be looking through your work and showing it off, so the pressure is even greater.

Deep down people who know me, know that I do enjoy pressure, and so I looked very forward and enjoyed the day massively.

<img src="Front Cover.jpg" alt="The Naming Ceremony of Logan Rikki Venstone front cover of an album lee ramsden">
<img src="Gary Venstone.jpg" alt="Gary Venston Logan Rikki Venstone Naming Ceremony Christianing event photography Lee Ramsden">

One down fall i found though was that, i enjoy the documentary style of pictures and not posed. 

If i see a shot i then take it, but i noticed after the event, i got the images printed off into a book. The feel of the book was greatly received by most, but some were upset as they didn't make it into the book. Looks like this might be a problem at events, as not everyone is in a good picture and im not wanting to take a picture for pictures sake.