First Model Shoot.

This is my First time at going out and doing some posed model shots,

The weather was great, dry and sunny.

If too sunny you will find your model squinting, then if turn round they will be in a huge shadow and so takes abit of playing.

I wasn't very good at making the model pose a certain way, and so I let her do her thing. Move around and ill take pictures, with the brilliance of digital you can view your images instantly, and see what poses work and which dont. So then you can see your favourites and push that look further.

Here are a couple of the day, 

<img src="Kelly Moss 50s" alt="Kelly Moss Ramsden Blackpool Beachs 50's dress Lee Ramsden">
<img src="Kelly Moss.jpg" alt=" Kelly moss Ramsden sunglasses laughing fun happy summer dress Lee Ramsden">