How to add a Frame/ Boarder to an image.

How to add a sloppy boarder to your photos
How to add a boarder to your images to make them feel more professional

A few people have asked how do I add the frames that I use on some of my images.

Well its very quick and easy once you have created a frame.

In this demonstration im going to show you a grungy, sloppy boarder.


For this boarder I started a new image and painted around the edge with black.

I added a small amount of blur to smooth the edges a touch.

Once you are happy,  open an image that you would like to add the frame too.

Go back to the frame document, making sure that the frame layer is highlighted. Select the move tool. Click and hold onto the frame. Drag the frame up to the bar on the top.  Hover over the image bar which the frame is to be added to



In this example you can see the frame layer is called Sloppy Boarder and I am adding it to the image Kelly Steps. I dragged the frame up to the top, hovered over the Kelly Steps box and that image will open in front of you.


I moved the frame down, you are still holding down the mouse/pen, if you hold down the shift key aswell before you release the new frame layer will center its self onto the new image.

Ok so your frame is now onto the image you would like, next we need to move it and posisstion it nicely onto the image. You will need to work with the layers pallet.

If you do not see your layers on the image. Go upto the top bar and you can find the layers under the window drop down box.


Now with the layers visible, making sure the layer with the frame is highlighted, you need to transform the frame. You can do this by clicking on the drop down box edit then transform – free transform.

A short cut for this is to hold down the (on mac) CMD key and press “T” or windows CTL key and “T”

Now the frame has a line around it and little square handles in the corners. By clicking on the corners you can drag it around to fit your image. Press enter or the tick above, it will come out of the free transform and you now have a nice frame around you image.


You can be creative and play around with different coloured frames, even try different blend modes, here I painted around the edge of the previous black frame and changed the blend mode to screen. The black disappears leaving a cool looking white frame.


There are numerous website where you can download frames/boarders for free.

This one was a free frame to look like a large 5x4 film. See this image even has sctraches to add an old used film effect.  I added this above an image I like. By playing with different blend modes you will see the grey dissapear leaving a cool frame and some textures to your image.


You can create a frame to promote your website.


Or even a wooden effect frame.

If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment.