Happy New Year - With some GF1 images.

Lumix GF1 images Lake district Kendal

Happy New year to you all. 

I spent New Year up in the Lake District which was a fantastic time.

We had the weather on our side, but the drive home was abit of fun in the gale force winds. 

Santa was kind enough to get me a Lumix GF1 to play with. I used to use the Cannon G10 for my everyday compact to carry about with me, but i was not impressed with the noise it produces, and in my opinion produces really poor quality images. 

A few mates of mine have started a

GF1 group

and i was impressed with the little compact that they have all gotten attached too. 

Lumix are now selling the GF3 £300, but this camera doesn't have a hot shoe, The GF2 has a really annoying touch screen and so the GF1 is certainly the one that you want. Mine was off ebay for £120 which i thought was a steal. 

I had to purchase a lens, and so went for the 20mm pancake lens.

All the images in this post are taken with the GF1 using the 20mm lens. 

Lumix GF1 images beach stones lake side

Lumix GF1 images beach stones lake side

Lumix GF1 images Kelly moss ramsden Lake district

I added this image as i still have no idea what the conversation was about....