How to Create a FREE professional email signature.


Today i thought id show how i created a professional looking email signature for FREE. 

There are many ways to do this, and some great paid services. 

But i thought id show a quick way i created one for free. 

 Head over to

01 newoldstamp signature email hotmail outlook google microsoft office yahoo mail free

This site offer's a few designs to choose from, 

I went with the "business" theme as liked the orange colour. 

02 how to create email signature for free lee ramsden

Type in the information that you wish to display, Name, Job title etc. 

But do not worry too much as you can and will probable change this in further steps. 

Follow the steps according to what email provider you use. 

My email is proved by Gmail and so by clicking on the icon it will copy all of the signature information to your clipboard. 

I uploaded an image to be displayed (the signature one above) but later found out that this site does not hold the image unless you pay.

And so ill show you a work around. 

Create your image, company logo which you wish to display. I found a square format worked well for the design i liked. 

In photoshop i saved it as a 600px square and exported for web, 

this way if it is small it will display quickly and prevent some company servers from blocking it. 

03 email signaute photobucket url upload lee ramsden

I then headed over to photobucket

You need to sign up for an account, but it is free. 

04 lee ramsden direct link lytham st annes

Upload your Logo / image to be displayed. 

You need to click on the "Direct" tab on the right to copy the url of this image to your clip board. 

05 adding an image to your email signature using URL

Different providers will slightly differ, but i can only presume that the next few steps will be similar to you if you do not use googlemail. 

Log into your email account. 

In settings go to add signature,

paste the copied signature information from the newoldstamp site you created. 

If there is an image there, remove it. 

It may look good now, but it will not be there for long. 

I also found this to be the case if you simply "upload" an image.

Not 100% on why this occurs, but i believe that the server does not provide you with enough storage.

So for peace of mind uploading via URL is preferred.


Click add image but do not upload one, chose via URL. 

In the newly opened box paste the "Direct URL" that you copied from photobox. 

If the link worked your image will be shown, like the image above. 

06 email signature google email for free

Finally i moved the image to the far left by dragging it over, and clicked the small option. 

Here you can edit and fine tune the text to suit your needs. 

Tip - here you can delete the line - signature created by newoldstamp -, as that i find does not look very professional. 

Click save and your done. 

In little time and no money you have a professional looking email signature. 


07 Free how to  create email signature google hotmail yahoo outlook for free

If you use email on mobile devices, there will be different ways on how to add this to your email. If like me using iPhone and the inbuilt mail app do the following, 

  • On the computer send an email to yourself with the new signature. 
  • Check that you are happy with the layout and text. 
  • Open this email on your mobile device. 
  • Hold your finger on the signature, you can select copy. 
  • Go in to the iPhones systems preferences and find the email section. Scroll down to add signature. 
  • If you have not changed this before, it will read "sent from iPhone" in the box. 
  • Delete this text and if you hold your finger down, the paste option will appear. 

Now the signature from the email has been pasted into your phone signature. 

It will now look seamless if you email from a computer or your mobile device. 

Any questions please feel free to use the contacts page.