An Idea i had.

Walking through the witchy gift shops you see, i came across a crystal ball.

The dream catchers, incense sticks and the like dont do much for me, but there is something magical with a crystal ball (excuse the pun..)

I was toying with the idea for a while on how I could use one in a shot?

And this idea came to me.,

( If local to St Anne's on-sea, there's a shop down Orchard Road in the square, they gave me a very good deal, and so I would recommend them.)

I explained my reason for wanting to purchase such item to the shop keeper, not sure why but I feel its necessary for an item with Powers.

I was offered if i got bored of taking pictures, they would give me lessons on how to use it......

Far too spooky... here is my money... and thanks…

Crystal ball magic magical mystical mind reading
Chris Christopher Riley

As you can see from the second image, the tricky thing of shooting through a crystal ball is that is turns things upside down, but thats easily fixed in Photoshop. Also if using flash or a natural light source, you have to look closely at where it shows on the Glass.

On the image of myself to make the Ball appear to float I rested it on top of a glass.