An iPhone app called "True HDR"

A little while ago i got an iPhone app called

"True HDR"

Like most photography apps you download them, then instantly have a play in the home, not to be used again for awhile. 

Well this was no different. 

Today i was walking along a road where i saw an amazing setting sun illuminating some interesting looking information dishes. 

I tried to take an image on my iPhone 3GS, but the contrast between the sky and the foreground was too great and so the phone could not expose correctly. 

Perfect settings for a HDR image me thinks. 

The app takes 2 images one after the other and blends them together all automatically. 

You have to hold the camera extra still for this to work. 

Here are the images all taken with the app, and the final blended image. Which was processed in the phone.

I used the photoshop express app to add slight contrast and a vignette. 

iPhone HDR photography Aberdeen
iPhone True HDR app example 01
iPhone True HDR app example 02