IRATA level 3.

IRATA industrial rope access training course


Well something quite large has happened with my day job.

I am now an IRATA level 3.

IRATA = Industrial Rope Access Trade Association.

After 6 years of working in the oil and gas industry as an electrician on the ropes I have gained the experience and worked my way up to become a working at height safety supervisor.

It certainly makes the job more interesting and has opened up lots of opportunities.

I know this is a photo-blog and readers who follow me will know that from time to time I post some more personal things,

But on a photography note, if there are any photographers who need help with shooting something different and from a different perspective, I can help out and we can achieve your goals… safely.

IRATA industrial rope access training course

Here are a few words explaining what the Level 3 is all about.

Level 3 (Supervisor)

The IRATA Level 3 certificate is the top level in the IRATA certification scheme. The Level 3 takes on the role of Team Leader, Safety Supervisor, Rescue-man and Rigger. Thus far IRATA rope access has an impeccable safety record, this is largely due to the quality of Level 3's in the field.

A level 3 Safety Supervisor shall:

  • Be capable of complete responsibility for work projects
  • Be fully conversant with relevant work techniques and legislation
  • Be able to demonstrate all the skills and knowledge required of levels 1 and 2
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of advanced rescue techniques
  • Equipment selection, inspection, care and maintenance
  • Operational planning and risk assessment
  • Team Management and responsibilities
  • Hold an appropriate current First Aid Certificate, to show they have undertaken suitable emergency First Aid training. (First Aid requirements vary from company to company)