Moody lighting setup.

Brother and sister image moody lighting professional photographer Manchester

Nikon D800 F11 1/100 ISO 100


Today id like to share the lighting set used for this set of images.

Lee Ramsden lighting set up, behind the scenes BTS elinchrom ranger quadra nikon D800 small home studio

Above is the behind the scenes image taken in my make shift dining room studio. 

A - Elinchrom quadra shot through an Octa box. 

B - Elinchrom ranger shot through the small honey comb grid that is supplied with it, used as a hair light.

C - Elinchrom quadra shot through a snoot, to try and just give a kiss of light to the face.

D - Nikon SB700 used to give a graduation over the background. 

As you can see from the set these lights in action. Now these kids are getting bigger its easier to light like this, as they take instruction well and don't move about too much. 

Where as my 2 year old toddler is a different story ha! 


Nikon D800 F11 1/100 ISO 100

This post is titled moody lighting, but its a bonus when you also have moody children :)

Tillie Peach professional photographer Lee Ramsden Lytham St Annes

Nikon D800 F11 1/100 ISO 100

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