A much younger Lee....

After a recent visit to my Mothers the photo albums came out....

I have an album dedicated just of myself.

Reflecting back to some old images its amazing how images, of yourself as a small child throw memories around and can instantly put you somewhere else.

As you can see my mother has always been keen on her photography. 

I have ran these through photoshop just to colour correct and give them a new life.

Check out the following images... these may mean nothing to you,

but if this does one thing.......

i hope you go through your cupboards,

your old albums..

Dig out your old images, sit back and enjoy the memories!

Younger Lee Ramsden baby
Younger Lee Ramsden toddler
Younger Lee Ramsden with my cousin Rikki Venstone
younger Lee Ramsden in Italy
younger Lee Ramsden small boy