Multiple Image HDR's.


In this post i want to try and explain how i create some of the large HDR landscape images and to answer the question that i have recieved alot recently, on how you can make an image with 54 exposures from a

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From the following image i am trying to show where all the images go in the make up of the final image.

Hdr explained with multiple images

As you can see each section is made up of different exposures.

I used Photomatix Software to render these. I started with the lower center section, as this is the main focal point.

I made a note of all the settings i used on this section and rendered all the other sections the same.

If you fail to render each section the same, you will have some very unrealistic looks and will make blending to the final image extremely tricky.

Once you have 6 nicely rendered HDR images, i opened these into Photoshop and blended together to create the large image.

One massive point to remember when taking an image like this, is to overlap each image to make the blending process easier, and so you know that you have not missed anything.

You can always cut to much extra away but not add any missing data that you didn't shoot.

I hope that this makes sense,

as always feel free to ask any questions and comment.


Thanks Lee.