New Stitching Software.

I have been toying with the idea of doing huge panorama's for awhile now,

i know photoshop can do this, but there are many 3rd party software hosts which do this better and faster then what Photoshop can do.

After much reading internet reviews, forums and seeing the final products i chose

PTGui Pro

it is by far the cheapest and does a fantastic job.

<img src="PTGui Pro.jpg" alt="Photoshop Lee Ramsden jumping out of the photo image bed room"> 
<img src="PTGui Pro imaging software.jpg" alt="PTGui Pro imaging software"> 

I am wanting to use these techniques on some landscapes, but i was itching to give it a go. So here are a couple of inside the house,

the top image is a 360 degree view, also is the lower but it has been twisted.