My little Panasonic GF1 still blows me away sometimes...

The Following image was taken with my little Panasonic GF1, 

and sometimes it still shocks me with the quality that it knocks out... 

Ok this isn't a PhaseOne, or a nikon D4, but for a crappy point and shoot camera that lives in my jacket pocket.. it certainly packs a punch. 

I have


before about this camera, which cost me £120 off ebay.

Here is an image taken in a night club, it was really dark to the mark1-eyeball and so i thought that the camera wouldn't stand a chance.

Amsterdam Lumix GF1 low light high ISO amazing camera cafe de paridiso rega bouncy castle lion dj

Lumix GF1 f3.2 - 1/50 - ISO800

Bouncy castle, Lions, and an African DJ... only in Amsterdam.