Perspective going wrong.

Here is a quick post mainly to point out something you need to consider when composing a shot.

As photographers we are always looking for a different perspective, which if done correctly can add weight and interest to our images. Here is an example where it can go wrong...

Following the previous post, i was trying to take a portrait of the salon owner Kelly, and thought of the idea of showing her with her laptop on the desk to show her working.

MyTime Health and beauty receptionist at work


As you can see from the above image the perspective is very wrong... 

Unless Kelly is tiny or the Laptop is Huge! 

which neither apply here... 

Even the desk in this image is way to over powering and makes the subject appear smaller.

So when you are lining up your shots as a photographer you have to think in 3D, 

If something is in the foreground, how will this effect the image and work with the background? 

Same with the Back ground, how will this look with a subject in front of it?

MyTime health and beauty receptionist on the phone therapist Kelly Moss Ramsden

You can see with the above image, by standing up and raising the perspective you can see it places the desk and laptop into a more acceptable perspective. Making them appear to be more normal in size. 

These images were lit with a single SB900 strobe placed on the laptop keyboard reflecting off the screen.

Many thanks