Damien Lovegrove's speed light street portraiture class.

I have attended one of Damien Lovegrove's Speed lighting course and was thoroughly impressed, 

It was set in Bristol, which is a good 3hr drive for me. 

On route the rain was bouncing so hard that visibility was near to none...

Arriving in Bristol the weather was grey, murky and dull... Where any normal person would go, forget this, kit back in the bag and go home. So i was very intrigued to see how Damien ticks in conditions like these... and from the images i was gob smacked, a lot even look like a glorious sunny day. 

Damien runs many courses, all over the world and so be sure to keep checking his

training website

and see if he is near you! 

Damien's bio - 

"Damien learned his trade as a cameraman and lighting director during 14 years at the BBC, working on programmes such as the Clothes Show, Top of the Pops and Casualty. Days off from filming were often spent taking photographs for a variety of top name clients including Peugeot, Motorola, and Adidas.

Then Julie made an entrance in his life and he realised that photography wasn't the only thing he was passionate about! She comes a very close second (yes, that is a joke) and anyone who has met Damien can't fail to be inspired and motivated by his enthusiasm for his second career. So much so that once you get him started on a subject it's hard to shut him up...

Fifteen years on, Damien has become one of the foremost trainers of photography and entrepreneurial business strategies in our industry. A published writer and regular columnist, Damien has traveled the globe sharing his knowledge and expertise.

NEWS: The Guild of Photographers has given it's ultimate accolade, that of 'Master of the Craft' to Damien Lovegrove in recognition of his skills and commitment to the art of photography and the training thereof. The award has only been given to 5 other photographers throughout the world! "

As you can see, not only can Damien talk the talk, he walks the walk better than most. 

Ive been a fan of his images for some time now, and so to see him work was fantastic. 

Its been said before, but if you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. 

- All the following images were taken on a course... The lighting positions, model, locations were all chosen by Damien. -

Damien Lovegrove tutorial workshop
Damien Lovegrove workshop Bristol off camera lighting
Damien Lovegrove professional photography model Bristol
Damien Lovegrove professional teach training student
Damien Lovegrove signature lighting
Damien Lovegrove class learning how to flash light
Damien Lovegrove classic lighting techniques
Damien Lovegrove model teaching how to use off camera flash
Damien Lovegrove BBC lighting professional
Damien Lovegrove model lighting in Bristol
Damien Lovegrove setting up lights using a fuji X-pro1
Damien Lovegrove lighting workshop signature look
Damien Lovegrove reflection on hotel wall

This one i like, as other then the B+W processing, the effect was created in camera.