Flash lighting

Moody lighting setup.

Brother and sister image moody lighting professional photographer Manchester

Nikon D800 F11 1/100 ISO 100


Today id like to share the lighting set used for this set of images.

Lee Ramsden lighting set up, behind the scenes BTS elinchrom ranger quadra nikon D800 small home studio

Above is the behind the scenes image taken in my make shift dining room studio. 

A - Elinchrom quadra shot through an Octa box. 

B - Elinchrom ranger shot through the small honey comb grid that is supplied with it, used as a hair light.

C - Elinchrom quadra shot through a snoot, to try and just give a kiss of light to the face.

D - Nikon SB700 used to give a graduation over the background. 

As you can see from the set these lights in action. Now these kids are getting bigger its easier to light like this, as they take instruction well and don't move about too much. 

Where as my 2 year old toddler is a different story ha! 


Nikon D800 F11 1/100 ISO 100

This post is titled moody lighting, but its a bonus when you also have moody children :)

Tillie Peach professional photographer Lee Ramsden Lytham St Annes

Nikon D800 F11 1/100 ISO 100

I hope that this post has been of interest to you. 

If you have any questions please feel free to use the contacts page on the site. 


Many thanks



Children photography.

Family children professional photographer Lancashire

Nikon D800 F11 1/100 ISO 100

Hi all,

Following on from the last couple of posts i thought id share some images away from the white background and shot using grey paper. 


Nikon D800 F11 1/100 ISO 100

Come back next week and ill show a behind the scenes image on how i lit the above image.

Tillie Peach moody lighting

Nikon D800 F11 1/100 ISO 100



Composite with a snow machine in the garden.

lee ramsden, snow, cold, photoshop, composite, ski, snow board, blizzard, professional, advertising, tree, sun, garden, snow machine, fake, frozen

   Nikon D800 f10 1/125th ISO 100

Good morning, hope that you had a good weekend.

The above is an image that i wanted to play with for a little while now, i have been commissioned to take a portrait of someone advertising a snow jacket.

Where possible i like to do a run of the shoot before the client, to iron out anything the comes up, plus gives their design department a good idea of the finished product and we can tweak it to their taste and needs.

lee ramsden, behind the scene off camera lighting elinchrom rotalux deep octa

  Nikon D800 f10 1/125th ISO100

This was the set up, pretty straight forward really. Two light sources, both camera left. The elinchrom ranger in a large octa positioned in front of myself, so the light was feathered and soft.

with a bare elinchrom quadra behind back lighting the snow.

With a snow machine you can see on the left of the image.

The image was shot with grey paper background intentionally to aid in the photoshop work afterwards.

Image set up and execution around 45 mins, and all photoshop work an hour and half.

Some times these images can take a lot more, but having the final goal in your mind and through experience you can achieve that goal much quicker and have a nicer final product.


  Nikon D800 f10 1/125th ISO 100

Sharrow Bay Hotel Lake District.

Sharrow Bay Hotel Cumbria Lake Ullswater

Fuji film X-pro1 - f5 1/60th ISO200

Hi all, well it has been some time since i have last posted. Many things have changed since i last spoke.

I have a new job working on the Shetland isles, and my free time has been involving working on the house, playing with the little one and I have an additional blog on the go with family images. There are a few things in the pipe line for this blog, so bare with and i hope to post more soon.

These images are from a get away recently to Sharrow Bay hotel. Check out their


Fantastic place. Luxury rooms and a menu to die for.

Sharrow Bay Hotel room review booking

x-pro1 - f5.5 1/125th ISO800 bare flash gun left quarter power, bare flash gun right of frame zoomed to 200mm half power. 

Sharrow Bay Hotel Lake District five star gormet dining luxuary posh cumbria

Fuji film X-pro1 - f4 1/250th ISO200

Sharrow Bay Hotel Lake District Kelly Moss Ramsden five star gormet dining luxuary finest  service cumbria

Fuji film X-pro1 - f4 1/250th ISO200

Sharrow Bay Cumbira Lake District Lee Ramsden gormet dining

Fuji film X-pro1 - f4 1/250th ISO200

Sharrow Bay Hotel Lake District Lee Ramsden Kelly Moss five star gormet dining luxuary

Fuji film X-pro1 - f4 1/250th ISO200

Sharrow Bay Hotel Lake District fine china plate

Fuji film X-pro1 - f2.8 1/60th ISO1250

Sharrow Bay Hotel afternoon tea and cakes

Fuji film X-pro1 - f2.8 1/60th ISO2500

Sharrow Bay Hotel Lake District Ulswater

Fuji film X-pro1 - f11 1/60th ISO200

Whilst making the Christmas image.

While i was trying the create the Christmas image, i really wanted to show some movement, and so i tried using continuous light and a slow shutter speed, while a strobe on rear curtain sync pops to freeze some motion.

Double light exposure flash strobe continuous light tutorial playing painting with light

Here is the image, i thought that it would work with, but proved to be a nightmare to select the movement and remove from this image. Next time i try this technique i feel a studio and back drop will be required to play with.

Double light exposure flash strobe continuous

 Me playing with painting with light. This image i have a continuous light on as well as the strobe to create two of me in the single shot. Used the torch app on the iPhone to paint with.

Double light exposure, flash strobe, continuous light tutorial playing play time painting with light

 Here i turned off the continuous light and only used a strobe on rear curtain sync to illuminate me at the end of the letter, rather then the start. 

Double light exposure Christmas fun tutorial

Playing about.

Double light exposure play time painting with light Lee Ramsden

 Playing with colour as well as two light sources.

This is a single image rather then a photoshop creation.

Christmas picture editor

My new little photo editor is a hard one to please :)

A Brett Harkness training course.

Recently i attended a Flash lighting training course ran by the talented Brett Harkness. 

I throughly enjoyed myself and walked away with a head full of gold and things to try out to my own images. Here is the

training website

There are heaps of amazing courses to choose from, i can see where a lot of my future pay cheques are going.

Brett's bio -

"I have been a professional photographer in the uk now for over 10 years, previously working in the USA in Miami as a cruise ship photographer. In my eyes I am a photographer. I don't see it as a job, but who I am. I could be seen as the "go to" guy for all things people! I love to take photographs; whether it is a wedding, family shoot, commercial or travel assignment, fashion campaign or whilst teaching on one of our many courses."

I booked onto this course as i was blown away by Brett's images, if you want to be the best, then you learn from the best. 

There are so many tutors out there at the moment, who are offering high-end wedding training, and they have never done a high-end wedding -

Where as Brett does day in- day out... 

-The following images were taken on a course, Lighting positions, models, outfits, locations all chose by Brett and his team. -

Brett Harkness wedding model training
Brett Harkness flash lighting course
Brett Harkness signature through a door shot
Brett Harkness old building secret location
Brett Harkness lighting professional photographer
Brett Harkness displaying camera to students a photo genius
Brett Harkness model shoot world class photographer
Brett Harkness lighting a model on the floor training course
Brett Harkness using interesting building
Brett Harkness at work behind the scenes