Waiting for the Weather is worth the wait!

For the weather shots, i wait for the conditions to turn what i feel is right for me.

I know roughly what time the sun will set and so I check each evening to see if the sky looks interesting.

Before going out to shoot, if the conditions are right, a recce is a must. As you only have a small window of time and fumbling around in the dark makes it easy to lose equipment.

Ok - now you know what and where you want to be... starts the waiting game....

This evening the skies were all red and looked really interesting and so off out i went.

Here are a couple of the evening.

<img src="Blackpool sunset.jpg" alt=" Blackpool sea front mirror ball design big one rollarcoaster lee ramsden">
<img src="Blackpool HDR.jpg" alt=" Blackpool beach sunset bad HDR over done cooked too much black clouds">