Home Made Studio.

With a recent purchase of some Pocket Wizard flash syncs, i was excited to try them out.

This is the first time ive tried to recreate studio looked images.

Im fairly happy with the results, the one of the male on his own is too flat and im not keen on the shadows against the wall, but its all a learning curve :0)

for you strobists out there,

the images were lit with 2 Nikon SB900's, one to the left with an umbrella,

And one to the right with a home made cardboard snoot.

varied power from image to image. 1/32 -  1.4 etc...

Kelly Moss Ramsden Lee Ramsden Hugging Cuddling tongue out humour
Kelly Moss Ramsden model image flash lighting practice in the home
Chris Riley Adidas track suit smiling happy

A bit of Fun with my New House Mate

 Im in a house share with a good friend of mine from school called Chirs.

Chris was looking though his facebook and complaining that he would like some new pictures.

He doesn't like the posed portrait type, but wanted something fun.

One evening he came home from work and we set out with the camera. Not to sure what really we wanted to achieve. Whilst walking out we stumbled along this place, it was superb and full of Graffiti.

We made it look like Chris was doing the painting and some pictures of this set, I have turned old photos I own into what looks like sprayed on paint.

<img src="Graffiti.jpg" alt="graffiti blur Chris Christopher Riley Blackpool FC football club south shore Lee Ramsden">
<img src="Graffit2i.jpg" alt="graffiti blur Chris Christopher Riley Blackpool FC footb  all club south shore Lee Ramsden">

Glamorising Friends.

Ok so for any new photographer trying to find people to shoot is tough, unless your confident and want to use models, your friends and family are going to be your main subjects

Here are a couple of shots where i managed to catch my mates unaware,

The female is my girlfriend, and so by now she is used to me taking pictures of her.

My aims here, were to explore how to make more glamour looking pictures, smoothing skin, brightening of the eyes etc.., I personally think they are over done, but was a good learning curve, plus the female was taken on the iPhone 3G.

Chris Christopher Riley Hounds Hill stair case Blackpool Sunglasses
London train over ground pimplico long hair kelly moss iPhone3G iPhone 3G lee ramsden