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Behind the scenes, pregnancy lighting.


I hope that you have enjoyed this week of pregnancy images that i have posted.

Today i thought id share some behind the scenes images and some thoughts with the lighting used.

Maternity Pregnancy pregnantlighting strobes off camera flash professional lancashire photographer venetian blinds behind the scenes BTS set up

Fuji XT1 f5.6 1/30 ISO 800

As you can see from the above image, these were taken in my cramped dinning room. Even without a large space, using a little imagination and being creative with your space, you can create some nice images.

Maternity Pregnancy pregnant strobes off camera flash grey seemless backdrop back light low key high contrast Lee Ramsden

Nikon D800 f5.6 1/200 ISO 100

The important part i find is to light your subject how your like. Once lit well, then you can play with the background and try different things.

The above images are straight out of the camera. RAW files converted to JPGS.

Image on the left - the background was lit with a strobe covered with a red gell. Personally i didn't like this too much and so didn't process this.

The middle image - is obvious. I turned off the background light and so it rendered to black.

Image on the right - i turned the background light around and it shone on to the subject, bouncing back to illuminate the background.

The black background and the grey one, were processed to make the image have a little more interest. If you would like me to show in a future post how i did that, then please let me know.

lighting lit with an over head projector blossom trees skin pregnancy no flash natural Lee Ramsden

Nikon D800 f1.6 1/80 ISO 100 

The above images were not shown in the week, but thought id share them for a little fun.

They were lit, with a simple over head projector. The sort that were used in schools.

I printed on clear plastic an image of blossom i found on a stock image site.

No fancy photoshop here, just an image using a projector.

Maternity Pregnancy pregnant lighting strobes off camera flash long hair professional lancashire photographer images elenchrom quadra ranger snoot softbox grey seemless paper Lee Ramsden

Here is the lighting set up used for the bellow image. The bellow image is unprocessed. A converted RAW file again to JPG.

To create the lines on the background i used a venetian blind that i purchased from B@Q a while ago.

(It was defective and on sale for a fiver, result!)

The lights.

A - Nikon sb900 flashed through the blind to create the background. It was flagged to prevent spill onto the subject.

B- Nikon sb900 through a honey comb grid. To illuminate the bump.

C - Elinchrom Quadra through a snoot to add a touch of light on the face.

D - Elinchrom Ranger through another grid, to add some light on to the hair.

lit through venetian blind nikon sb900 elenchrom flash quadra ranger softbox out of camera unretouched Lee Ramsden Uk professional photographer

Nikon D800 f5.6 1/200 ISO 100

This was a fairly extensive lighting set up. It took a bit of time to set up, one light at a time.

When setting up lights like this, the subject has very little room to move. And so the set up takes patients from both parties. If your subject moves it can throw everything out.

Once the lights are set, relax. Make your subject relax and enjoy what you create!

I hope that you have enjoyed this week, viewing some work quite different from my norm.

Many thanks.


Pregnancy week.

Nikon D800 F5.6 1/200 ISO 100

Morning, thought id share each day this week an image that i have recently taken of my better half.

Thought id kick off with this one, lit with a key, back and hair light. Nothing on the back ground rendering it to absolute black.

Ill post at the end of the week a behind the scenes with the lighting rig.


The mrs goes Manga.

The girlfriend has some amazing talent with makeup, and is always looking to do shoots, so she can try out different ideas. 

With the new purchase of a new more powerful light, I'm always looking at practicing and trying new things, which works nicely together.

Here are a few images of Kelly with Manga eyes, which are drawn on by herself which i thought takes some talent on its own. 

Kelly Moss Manga Markyate industrial estate

 one light to the left. 

Kelly Moss Manga black and white in front of roller shutter door

One light to the left, with a speed light on the right.  

Kelly Moss Manga eye rear strobe light

One light directly above in a large Octa box, with a speed light coming from behind.  

Kelly Moss Manga eyes illuminating through fire escape stair case

 One light directly above in a large Octa box, with a speed light coming from behind.  

Kelly Moss Manga ramsden professional make up aritist

Lit with only one speed light.  

Kelly Ramsden Moss Manga USA t-shirt

Octa box to the right, and a speed light to the left. 

Kelly Ramsden Moss Manga eyes professional make up artist Lancashire

Octa box to the right, and a speed light to the left. 

Kelly Ramsden Moss Manga real eyes open smiling face

 Octa box to the right, and a speed light to the left. 

Kelly Ramsden Moss Manga eyes many faces different looks

These were all shot in my front room. Large Octa on the right, Speed light through a soft box to the left and a bare speed light onto the wall behind. 

Setting Sun images.

Thought id share with you some images that were taken yesterday, over at the Lake in Milton Keynes. 

I have included a lighting diagram to show how i lit these images, as i was trying to get some rim lighting going on. 

Lens example having fun jumping
Lens example shot at 200mm Nikon 70-200mm off camera flash
Lens example happy Kelly Moss Ramsden

These images were lit with the sun to the right creating a nice rim light.

A bare speed light to the left and a speed light in a softbox to the left also to fill.

lighting diagram for an out door portrait

50's Style shoot.

There are many shoots out there of pin up girls, from different eras. 

I really fancied giving it ago.

Kelly has got the largest wardrobe of clothes known to man. So had a rummage around to see what she could find.

She found the out fit in the shoot, which we thought was a 50's style. We looked online for hair styles from that period.  

With Kelly being a hair and beauty expert she did all her own makeup and hair for this shoot.

I have just bought a second, off camera flash. This was the first shoot where I had used another light source. 

It was mainly a flash on a tripod, through an umbrella to soften the light.

I thought the light brought a cool and new edge to my work and am really interested into pushing this idea further.

Nikon D90 Kelly Moss Kelly Ramsden 50's 60' style dress Lytham St Annes Leather Belt tweed suit shoot Lee Ramsden blog
Nikon D90 Behind the Scenes brushing hair getting ready make up lee ramsden kelly moss kelly ramsden

First Model Shoot.

This is my First time at going out and doing some posed model shots,

The weather was great, dry and sunny.

If too sunny you will find your model squinting, then if turn round they will be in a huge shadow and so takes abit of playing.

I wasn't very good at making the model pose a certain way, and so I let her do her thing. Move around and ill take pictures, with the brilliance of digital you can view your images instantly, and see what poses work and which dont. So then you can see your favourites and push that look further.

Here are a couple of the day, 

<img src="Kelly Moss 50s" alt="Kelly Moss Ramsden Blackpool Beachs 50's dress Lee Ramsden">
<img src="Kelly Moss.jpg" alt=" Kelly moss Ramsden sunglasses laughing fun happy summer dress Lee Ramsden">

Glamorising Friends.

Ok so for any new photographer trying to find people to shoot is tough, unless your confident and want to use models, your friends and family are going to be your main subjects

Here are a couple of shots where i managed to catch my mates unaware,

The female is my girlfriend, and so by now she is used to me taking pictures of her.

My aims here, were to explore how to make more glamour looking pictures, smoothing skin, brightening of the eyes etc.., I personally think they are over done, but was a good learning curve, plus the female was taken on the iPhone 3G.

Chris Christopher Riley Hounds Hill stair case Blackpool Sunglasses
London train over ground pimplico long hair kelly moss iPhone3G iPhone 3G lee ramsden