Electronic shutter vs Mechanical shutter.

fuji x-t1 manual shutter displaying movement


just a quick one as i am sure a lot of you are more experienced with this than myself. 

Whilst traveling to work i was taking some pictures on the flight. To avoid the cabin crew scowl i turned the Fuji X-T1's shutter from Mechanical to electronic. 

It is permanently set on the Mechanic mode, as in the past, i accidentally put it onto electronic and it would not fire the off camera flashes. To prevent that happening again, it is a setting i do not change. 

This occasion due to the silence of the electronic shutter, it would be a perfect solution.

Just for a demonstration and comparison, as i didn't want to take pictures of the planes propellers.

Have a look at the two images. The top image is the conventional mechanical shutter. And the lower is the electronic. I found it really interesting how the shutters create different images. 



Fuji X-T1 Electronic shutter causing mishaped movement long exposures