Happy New Year.

business gasoline oil fuel petrol action blue colour image consrtuction fields fire flares industrial building ocean oil rigs outdoor seascape

Lumix GF1 1/50 f.8 ISO800

Happy New year every one, and i hope that you have a great 2015. 

While you are all out celebrating christmas and the new year, i have been stuck on a 35 year old gas and oil platform in the north sea. 

Fly home soon though and will be spending some quality time with the family. 

Can... not... wait!!

Here are some images from a cold Ninian South Platform...

  Shetland CNRi CNR north sea oil gas platform industry  location  work
SKN electrical services Aberdeen Azerbaijan rope access IRATA professional work safe no LTI record Blackpool offshore compex inspection

Lumix GF1 1/80 f.1.7 ISO400


Lumix GF1 1/100 f.1.7 ISO800

Figure of eight 8 nine 9 knott IRATA rig rigged rope worker suspension climber climbing north sea oil rig

Lumix GF1 1/100 F.1.7 ISO800

Phil Philip Race Daryll Whitaker Daz Shefield Newcastle Electrical

Lumix GF1 1/60 f.1.7 ISO400

The dream team. Daz and Phil.