Couple of examples of my work in use.

Manchester, castle gardens, Alamy, street, lighting, uk, northwest, commissioned work, book cover, lee ramsden


Today thought id she a couple of my images and how varied their usages can be. 

The above image was taken back in 2009, on my first Dslr camera, an old Nikon D90. In comparison today, my iPhone can take better images. 

This image of a street in Manchester has been purchased for the front cover of a fiction crime novel by the talented author Bill Rogers. 

His publishers added the people and colour graded the image, but it is nice to see an image of mine in print. 

Bill Rogers, the tangled lock, national crime agency, lee ramsden
Bill Rogers, the tangled lock, book cover, lee ramsden

The following image was taken around 4 years ago. Just having a stroll through a cold windy Blackpool, and I liked the way the low sun was creating shadows and so took a quick snap of the Mrs and the little one in the push chair. 

Single mother, pushing pram, baby, rough town, Blackpool, south shore, lee ramsden, professional photographer, reportage
The Guardian, news paper, website, single mothers, problem, lee ramsden

The Guardian New paper purchased the image to use as a thumbnail, one on of their stories about single mothers. 

single mothers, survival guide, blog, website, who wants to be a single mother, lee ramsden

The story was then taken off the Guardian website and used on many "mums blogs"


My images are sold either directly, or through the stock site Alamy.  

Once a sale occurs I am not privy to who the customer is, but with the powerful tools around, like googles reverse image search it is nice to find my images around the internet.