London city

Tower Bridge at Sunrise.

Tower bridge landmark famous world river Thames sunset sunrise moreLondon orange glow Lee Ramsden

Nikon D800 F8 1/13 ISO200 24-70mm@48mm

Another 3am start to get into London and set up ready for the sunrise. 

Here is a shot of London's tower bridge reflected in a shop window to try and give some symmetry. 

I adore Tower bridge, it is a wonderful looking structure. And is classic iconic London landmark.  As you can see from the below iPhone image, it is easily visible even by plane.


iPhone image london river thames iPhone iPhoneography nightscape from a plane lee ramsden

iPhone 4S f2.4 1/15 ISO800

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London Shard building.

<img src="Shard colour.jpg" alt="the shard view at the shard viewing gallery hotel office building sunset sunrise dusk dawn london greater lee ramsden">

Nikon D700 F18 0.4 ISO3200 21mm

An image of the Shard building in London, taken from moreLondon's shopping area. If you are taking picture from here watch out for security as they will move you on. Even at 5am and not a sole about... 

This was a frame taken from a timelapse video, foolishly i changed the ISO to a ridiculous 3200 and forgot to change back. Luckily the Nikon D700 can handle the high ISO not too bad and so all not lost. 


I am fascinated with the Shard, i think it is a stunning looking building. I took the below image from the viewing gallery near the top. Please check out a couple of posts on the Shard, 

The view at the Shard - How to work around using a tripod

And the importance of a polarising filter - When shooting through the glass windows. 

<img src="London.jpg" alt="London view from the Shad viewing gallery London HMS Belfast greater London UK capital dusk Lee Ramsden">


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I love London.

Anther early start yesterday,

02:15hrs wake up call to try and get a nice sunrise image in London.

The sky literally went from black to grey... Which was a shame. 

I can't get enough of the landmarks in London. They are so iconic and look amazing. I understand what I am doing is nothing new, thousands of photographers better then I, have stood in the same place capturing these beautiful sights. 

To make one of your own and with your stamp is nice though and enjoyable.

I will post the finished edited image in a few weeks but it is up in the landscape section on my website.

That's the mrs and I suited and booted off to a wedding (as guests) in the nice weather...

London Big ben river Thames Professional camera landscape photographer

Have a great weekend everyone.