Another trip up Blackpool tower.

Blackpool, Blackpool tower, monochrome, black white, reflection, Lancashire photographer, Lee Ramsden

Hello, id like to share some images from another trip working up Blackpool's tower, repairing the illumination lighting at great height. 

Blackpool council, worker, pressure washing, cleaning, sea front steps, golden mile, lee ramsden

Arrived to site early and so I walked the long way there. Was surprised to see early morning council worker cleaning the front. 

Blackpool tower, Wez, IRATA rope access, climbing, electrician

Ropes set, and decent underway. Always told "don't look down" but you have to in this game. 

Blackpool tower, abseiling, industrial worker, in orange ppe, LEE RAMSDEN
IRATA, rope access, level 3, Blackpool, worker, industrial photographer Lee Ramsden

Today repairs ongoing to the heart light. 

Blackpool tower heart light, illuminations
Blackpool illuminations electronics, control gear, electrician, technician

Sophisticated control gear, power the lighting on the Tower, helps it to change colour and be programmable.

blog, sea gull, blackpool, tower, colour, color, lee ramsden

A spectator while working at height. 


Thanks for viewing.