The Isles of Shetland.

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Working in the oil and gas industry I have spent my fair amount of time on the Isles of Shetland.

It has felt like a second home at times, and over the summer of 2014 I was spending more time there than at home.

St Ninians bay Shetland sea gull view landscape beautiful gorgeous rocks mountains tide

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I feel privileged to have had the chance to spend so much time on such a gorgeous island, even with the brutal weather for 9 months of the year, this does not bring the spirit of the local inhabitants down.

The local people that I encountered and worked with, were amazing, lovely people. They appear to have a different look on life and take things in their stride.

Living in such remoteness they have became resourceful with the weekend evening entertainment, with the party busses which tour round the island villages, visiting the bars on a pub crawl - fancy dress in mandatory!

They sell Puffin poo to is a delicacy!!


They breed miniature horses,

Shetland pony horse miniture little legs mane barbewire fencing sunset flare flair clouds warm windy Shetland home black and white

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They dress up as Vikings and after spending a whole year, and thousands of pounds on building the most detailed / intricate wooden boat…. they set fire to it.

uphelia festival shetland Welcome to Shetland vikings Lerwick Festival of light local inhabitant dress history shield axe sword cow hide wings helmet

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The airport of Scatsta was closed for two days, as an employee was getting married and so all the airport personnel attended the wedding.

Shetland Scatsta airport Voe lower runway plane  airoplane oil gas industry workers industrial eastern airways commute passenger flight

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The island attracts many hill walking enthusiasts and photographers, but it is clear to see why.

With the unique landscapes,

(not a single tree to be seen though as it is too windy and the ground being peat),

migrating puffins, stunning beaches and many different festivals through out the year.

I could happily spend my days later in life, up on a hill, on the Shetland isle away from the problems, hustle and bustle of normal life, enjoying each day as it came.

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Note - 

At the present moment in time, if you are looking to visit, I personally would recommend the Isle of Lewis or Skye, only because Shetland is currently having a gas plant being built, with another on the cards and so the main towns are bursting with contractors. If you were to hire a little cottage away from the towns then I am sure you wouldn’t even notice.

iPhone 4s images were taken with the standard camera app and so the meta data shown is not controlled by my self. All images edited using the in phone Snapseed app. 

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Shetland pony close up horse miniture little legs mane barbewire fencing sunset flare flair clouds warm windy

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Shetland pony horse miniture little legs mane barbewire fencing sunset flare flair clouds warm windy Shetland home

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Workplace health and safety motivational speaker - Ken Woodward.

Today we had a motivational speaker in work trying to push a poignant message. - Very interesting and what a gent.

Motavational speaker Ken Woodward health place safety coca-cola attitude behavioural blind incident accident

In a horrifying workplace accident, Ken Woodward lost his eyesight as well as his sense of taste and smell. It left his family devastated and his colleagues traumatised.

Like all accidents, it could have been prevented. From that moment on he was determined to do all he could to make sure it didn't happen to anyone else.

Motavational speaker Ken Woodward

Since then, his dedication towards creating positive safety cultures and setting new standards has improved the working lives of thousands of people and changed the way hundreds of organisations operate.

Motavational speaker, Ken Woodward health place safety coca-cola attitude behavioural speaker message blind incident accident

Over the last decade he has become a globally recognised figure, providing people with the awareness, mindset and confidence to comfortably approach occupational safety issues with a fresh perspective.

Motavational speaker Ken Woodward health place safety coca cola incident accident left blinded

Astonishingly, in one year alone, he made 112 flights, 19 overseas trips and 285 presentations to stop others being hurt.

I strongly recommend booking him, and watch him help you drive the message to your workforce.

Photography competition winner.

Petrofac picture competition winner global world wide image Battersea power station London

Well that was a nice surprise. I logged into the works email system and found out that i had won their Picture competition.

For those of you who don't know, I'm currently sub contracting to a global oil and gas company called Petrofac, as a health and safety advisor. The project is based on the Shetland Isles, building a gas plant.

Over the internal system a few months ago, a photo competition was announced. So i thought that i would have a punt......

turns out my image of Battersea power station was chosen,  out of the 5000+ images that were submitted - as the overall winner!!

Over the moon!

A nice new iPad air on route to the house. Thanks ever so much.

Petrofac picture, competition winner global intranet

The image was displayed on the intranet home page, and globally sent over email to the 10's of thousands of employees world wide.

If there is a plant manager who wants some professional images of their gas/oil plant, some where warm... please speak up. Ha