Derrick removal.

Derrick, rigging, lifting, slings installed ready for lift IRATA, rope access, riggers


Today id like to show, the first couple of lifts. 

Above image the rope access riggers, install the cranes lifting equipment. 

derrick lifted off platform, north sea, oil and gas rig
Derrick, remove, lifted with the Saipem 7000, crane, offshore in the north sea
derrick, removal, heavy lift, Saipem, Petrofac, BP, S7000
derrick, sea fastening, welding, on the deck of the S7000

Once landed the derrick is then sea fastened (welded) to the deck of the S7000.


The next lift to be completed was the helideck. 

It was amazing to see these huge bits of an oil rig, look almost insignificant against the huge Saipem S7000 cranes.