First infrared image. London.

<img src="Infrared.jpg" alt="London River Thames morelondon Infrared colour processing landscape image IR blocking filter Hoya R72 Lee Ramsden">

Nikon D800 f11 120sec iso200 24-70mm@36mm


Thought i would share this image of the Shard building with you. This is a first for me, using an Infrared filter. I ended up purchasing a Hoya R72 filter and am quite enjoying the outcomes. 

There are somethings i need to take into account, the flaring is becoming an issue and the lens hotspot. But with more practice I'm sure ill find a decent work around. 

I am not posting just yet on how i processed this, with this being my first, id like to shoot a lot more and so have a greater understanding of how they react under different lighting circumstances. 

Once i am happy ill write a post on what photoshop process i go through. 

In the mean time i hope that you enjoy this image, 


If you would like to purchase the filter that i used, i would be grateful f you use the following link, it will not cost you anymore, but i get a few pence to help feed my family :)

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