London Bridge, Big Ben, Westminster on the River Thames. London

<img src="London river Thames.jpg" alt="Big Ben Westminster houses of parliament government Lee Ramsden capital city london bridge clock face">  

Nikon D800 f11 5min ISO100 24-70mm@50mm - taken 04:46hrs

<img src="Big ben.jpg" alt="westminster river Thames London Bridge houses of Parliament reflection long exposure lee ramsden">

Nikon D800 f8 30sec ISO100 24-70mm@50mm - taken 04:33hrs

A couple of images taken from Jubilee bridge in London of Big Ben, westminster and London bridge on the river Thames. The difference to the colouring is not photoshop, it is time. 

From checking the META data to these files there are 13 minutes difference from when they were taken. Its amazing how fast the sky changes and it can dramatically change the feel to your image.

Alarm set at 3am, drove into London and set up for 4am. 0520hrs sunrise time, my fave time to shoot is just before sunrise, and the time on the above files are 0433hrs and 0446hrs. 

For long exposure images like this, i use Lee Filters. Either the big stopper which is a 10 stop filter or the 0.9 Neutral density filter. 


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