Offshore control room, emergency exercise.

OIM, manager, oil and gas, rig, briefing, emergency response team.


Over the next couple of posts, ill like to show the different roles involved in the unlikely event of an emergency occuring. Today I will start with the control room. 


The alarms have sounded, and a scenario has been set. Everyone on board the platform is making their way to their allocated muster points, 

For exercise - We have a missing person and the O.I.M is briefing the emergency response team and what actions they are to take and provide them with information. 

BP Miller OIM, calling a muster, tannoy, addressing the crew, control room, muster, exercise,

For exercise, for exercise - the O.I.M keeps all persons on board updated on the situation. 

oil rig, emergency drill, fireteam muster

The scribe regularly logs the situation and ties all the information together in one place, to make it easier for the manager to make their decisions. 

OIM and his Deputy, reading, ER plan, Emergency response plan, control room, oil and gas, industry, emergency. Lee Ramsden

The O.I.M and his Deputy O.I.M, reading through the Emergency response plan, making descisions on what actions are required.