Offshore Emergency rope access response exercise.

IRATA, rope access, casuilty, dummy, rescue, ermgency team, working at height rescue, plan,  photo by Lee Ramsden


Today we see another emergency exercise. As you can see in the oil and gas industry we regularly drill and test the emergency response plan. 

It is the old adage -  fail to prepare, prepare to fail. 

It is a legal requirement to have a plan on what to do in an emergency, but does it work? 

Testing different scenarios on a regularly basis ensures that the plan works, and keeps the emergency response team skills fresh. 


Todays scenario, is in the above image. In this case we are using an inanimate dummy. But it is to practice how to rescue a rope access worker, working under deck. 

IRATA, rope access technician, donning, harness, getting ready, industrial worker, working at height.

IRATA rope access technician donning his harness. 

IRATA, rope access, rescue, level 3, hauling casulty, offshore, photo by Lee Ramsden

The rope access supervisor, using his equipment to haul the pretend casualty up to the deck. 

fire man, moviing casuilty, injured, exercise, practice, industrial photographer.

Platform fire team member safely has hands on the practice casualty. 

Blog, fireteam, emergency response, firstaider first aid, medic, north sea, photo by Lee Ramsden

The platform Medic and his first aid team, practice administrating first aid, and using the different types of stretchers required. 

casuilty on a stretcher, medical team, responding, offshore, oil and gas industry.
emergency response, drill, fireman, firemen, casuilty, Lee ramsden

Platform medic, coordinates the fire team members on lifting the stretcher and places it into the "frog", to lift the practice casualty from the lower levels of the platform, up to the installation sickbay. 

Blog, fireteam, emergency response, frog personnel transfer, north sea, photo by Lee Ramsden

Fire team leader, in communications with the crane operator. They safely lift the practice casualty to the platform sickbay.