reflection girl working on till serving customers

Hi all,

Here is a quick post to show you some of my thinking.

The above image i really like, it was taken in the cafe in the Tate Modern Museum London.

I am a big fan of reflections and symmetry in images. I really like how you view the image and if it wasn't for the chairs in the foreground and the table of guys in the background you would probably think that i Photoshopped this image. But it was genuinely taken.

reflection before london tate museum shop cafe

Here you can see my thinking behind the first image.

I was sat at the table drinking my coffee and was viewing the scene in front of me.

I found the guy working was distracting and "in the way" personally,

plus my camera bag was in shot - school boy error.

So moving the bag off the chair in the foreground and waiting for the scene to make itself. I was very happy with the final image.

Not always will things work out for you but it is great and very enjoyable to see something in front of you, and you have to wait for the parts to all come together.