Product Photography.

Here are some images and BTS shots of a product shoot i recently took. 

This was a first for me, and i learnt alot from it. 

My style was very dark, but next time ill make some light and fun shots. 

Product photography Old speckled hen real ale craft beer photo
Product photography Jack Daniels whiskey professional photography
Product photography Peroni itallian lager

The droplets were created on the glass with a sugar solution.  

Product photography U boat watch professional high end

 Here are some images taken from my iPhone, of how the lighting was made on the above images. 

Product photography home made scrim lighting diffuser

To create nice feathered light, a soft box wouldnt of been any use, as it generates solid light from edge to edge. Here i made some scrims, out of some pieces of wood and tracing paper. Nice and simple and Cheap

Product photography how to make lighting diffuser
Product photography continious lighting through home made scrim

With using a continuous light source, it makes setting up product shot much easier, as you can move the light around, and see exactly what is happening.

Product photography behind the scenes lighting a watch
Product photography Omega watch how to create professional looking images

 Even with the iPhone camera, you can see how the scrim produces nice graduated light.

Product photography tethered photography

I was shooting tethered to my iMac for this shoot. The reason for this was so i could see on a large screen the details.

Product photography illuminating Jack Daniels whiskey shot

Look around you for different textures. I really liked the base to the whiskey bottle and glass. It gives a nice reflection and looks expensive to give the shot a nice feel. And what did i use? 

yep a Guitar...

Product photography Using a guitar as a reflective surface

My Volvo V50...

December i bought i brand new Volvo V50.

the previous car was a guzzler and so was fed up of paying through the nose to keep it on the road..... Que the volvo... and being an estate car its a true family work horse, loaded to the hilt with gear and getting away for weekends is fantastic. 

Here are a few images of the car on a great rough location 50 metres from the house, plus some detail images. 

Volvo V50 V60 V70 estate car filming in Markyate Hertfordshire 
Volvo V50 V60 V70 professional car photography Lancashire Lytham St Annes
Volvo V50 V60 V70 badge logo professional images car photography
Volvo V50 V60 V70 steering wheel with controls
Volvo V50 V60 V70 center consol
Volvo V50 V60 V70 alloy wheel
Volvo V50 V60 V70 alloy wheel with disk brake
Volvo V50 V60 V70 UK advert

These two images are a mock advert that i made. 

Volvo V50 V60 V70 review buy now