Product Photography.

Here are some images and BTS shots of a product shoot i recently took. 

This was a first for me, and i learnt alot from it. 

My style was very dark, but next time ill make some light and fun shots. 

Product photography Old speckled hen real ale craft beer photo
Product photography Jack Daniels whiskey professional photography
Product photography Peroni itallian lager

The droplets were created on the glass with a sugar solution.  

Product photography U boat watch professional high end

 Here are some images taken from my iPhone, of how the lighting was made on the above images. 

Product photography home made scrim lighting diffuser

To create nice feathered light, a soft box wouldnt of been any use, as it generates solid light from edge to edge. Here i made some scrims, out of some pieces of wood and tracing paper. Nice and simple and Cheap

Product photography how to make lighting diffuser
Product photography continious lighting through home made scrim

With using a continuous light source, it makes setting up product shot much easier, as you can move the light around, and see exactly what is happening.

Product photography behind the scenes lighting a watch
Product photography Omega watch how to create professional looking images

 Even with the iPhone camera, you can see how the scrim produces nice graduated light.

Product photography tethered photography

I was shooting tethered to my iMac for this shoot. The reason for this was so i could see on a large screen the details.

Product photography illuminating Jack Daniels whiskey shot

Look around you for different textures. I really liked the base to the whiskey bottle and glass. It gives a nice reflection and looks expensive to give the shot a nice feel. And what did i use? 

yep a Guitar...

Product photography Using a guitar as a reflective surface

My Volvo V50...

December i bought i brand new Volvo V50.

the previous car was a guzzler and so was fed up of paying through the nose to keep it on the road..... Que the volvo... and being an estate car its a true family work horse, loaded to the hilt with gear and getting away for weekends is fantastic. 

Here are a few images of the car on a great rough location 50 metres from the house, plus some detail images. 

Volvo V50 V60 V70 estate car filming in Markyate Hertfordshire 
Volvo V50 V60 V70 professional car photography Lancashire Lytham St Annes
Volvo V50 V60 V70 badge logo professional images car photography
Volvo V50 V60 V70 steering wheel with controls
Volvo V50 V60 V70 center consol
Volvo V50 V60 V70 alloy wheel
Volvo V50 V60 V70 alloy wheel with disk brake
Volvo V50 V60 V70 UK advert

These two images are a mock advert that i made. 

Volvo V50 V60 V70 review buy now

Fantasy Police.

Hi All,

As like most photographers i have had lots of ideas floating about in my note books and so it is time to start creating these images.

The following idea kinda grew out of something else.

The girl friend has got a new car, a lovely little Mazda MX5, which is great fun in the summer with the roof down by the way.

Being mega happy like a big kid i thought that it would be nice to take some pictures for her with her new toy.

I had the idea of long boots and jacket with the car right from the kick off, but was looking for the right location to set it. A fellow photographer friend suggested this place as it has all the items that i was looking for,

Cobbled streets, iron fire escape - it was perfect.

Using  a public street like this certainly comes with its own troubles.

We have to be polite and considerate, if other vehicles come by we have to move, plus all the local nutters come out and talk to you as they must not see things like this very often.

Back to the shot- 

as i was looking for quite a dark styled shot, sin city came to mind, and so this character was born. A sort of dark comic book styled female police officer.

The props - the guns and police badge come off Amazon for a couple of quid. The pistols are bright blue plastic toy guns, as you can not have replica weapons in the street and i did not fancy getting swarmed by REAL armed police.

I hope you enjoy.

Kelly Moss Ramsden Police bad cop Mazda MX5

Strobist info :- This image was lit with 2 SB900's, one bare on the left picking up the car and creating the pool of light on the ground where as the second was in a softbox on the right of the image picking up the female.

Kelly Moss Ramsden patroling police cop car
Kelly Moss Ramsden bad cop Mazda MX5 out door flash lighting
Kelly Moss Ramsden Cop police girl officer handcuffs

Kelly Moss Ramsden Cop police girl officer handcuffs

Dont Let Dunstable Die...

I have met up with, a couple of times now the ladies who are running the DLDD campaign, and what a fantastic job they are doing for the town.

We met with the intention for a couple of promotional shots that they can use, but as you can see the weather wasnt playing ball and so we will meet again soon. 

Also keep watching as when i can ill be attending some of the functions that they are doing, and so ill post images of the great things happending in Dunstable in the future.

A couple of short


explaining their campaign.

Check out  their


 to see the latest news in Dunstable. 

If you are a facebook user they have a


on there too. 

Dont let Dunstable die long live dunstable

The Ladies Bio...

Sharon and Sharon are two ladies who want to help Dunstable to become the lovely market town it once was, please give us your views and ideas. Together we can make a difference. Long Live Dunstable!

"Tell your friends and spread the word, Dunstable must be heard.Long Live Dunstable can't be wrong,the supporters are growing forever strong. We believe in Dunstable and the support that you give, so let's all make Dunstable,the best place to live!"

We are now as of 15th December 2010 two ladies who want to help Dunstable to become the lovely market town it once was, please give us your views and ideas.


Long Live Dunstable (Don't Let Dunstable Die) was established last year by two woman to help raise the profile of our Historic town of Dunstable and to keep the supporting public informed as to what is happening as best we can. We have no businesses in Dunstable or political agendas just a passion to see our town great again. Thank you for your continued support.

"Tell your friends and spread the word, Dunstable must be heard. Long Live Dunstable can't be wrong,The supporters are growing forever strong. We believe in Dunstable and the support that you give, So let's all make Dunstable, the best place to live!


Stage Writer. Jessica Luxembourg.

I was asked recently to do some portraiture head shots and promo shots for a fantastic stage / screen writer actress Jessica Luxembourg.

With having a little bit of notice with this shoot, i wanted to set it, in a relevant location.

I came up with the idea of having books in the back ground and so set about trying to find a willing bookshop.

I thought the best places to try would be small independently run stores, and so the search began...

They are becoming harder and harder to find. Even this store will be closed at the end of the month.

I think due to the Internet, people do not seem to visit these places any more. Even i am very guilty of this. As it is far to easy to order books from say Amazon or if going to a store we head to Waterstones as they have a huge collection of items. It is a great shame with the changing world the "small business" has an almost impossible fight to remain in the game. 

This was shot in the book castle over in Dunstable,

A big thanks to the ladies who run the shop, They were great and very friendly, with out their help i do not think i would of been able to achieve my goal and so would of had to resort with another back drop.

Jessica Luxembourg stage writer actor 01
Jessica Luxembourg stage writer actor 02 black and white
Jessica Luxembourg stage writer actor 07 books
Jessica Luxembourg stage writer actor black and white books

Biography of Jessica Luxembourg

Jessica Luxembourg is an award-winning writer

(International Student Playscript Competition, Arc Productions sponsorship, Time Out DVious Shorts Award)

Whose work has been performed at venues including the Hackney Empire,

the Soho Theatre and the Pleasance Courtyard.

Her short film "Phil's Job" was produced by Blaze, The Trail with Nick Rowe (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels)

in the title role and screened at the Cannes, Melbourne and Raindance film festivals. Jessica is a graduate of the MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, and of Cambridge University.

Jessica's plays include:

Denver, Contact Theatre, Manchester (2006);

Babel Junction, Hackney Empire (2006);

The Devil's Own Goldfish Scam, Soho Theatre (2003);

Insane Jane, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh, transferred to Soho Theatre (2003);

Reflecting Flesh, UEA Studio Theatre (2001);

Losing Track, UEA Studio Theatre (2001);

and Craze, UEA Studio Theatre (2000).

Her short films include: Phil's Job, Cannes, Raindance and Melbourne film festivals (2001).

Teelan Stack.

Hi all, 

Well, what a busy couple of weeks with re: to the photography.  

Last week i had a fantastic child shoot with the little Teelan seen below, 

It was the first toddler shoot that I have done. I have worked with babies before and they are great as they tend not to move.... 

As you can see Teelan is full of character and is a fast little runner keeping me on my feet and having to think fast. 

Big thanks to the Stack family and hope to work with you again. 

Teelan Stack child photography 01
Teelan Stack child photography 02
Teelan Stack child photography 04

Over the next couple of weeks ill be posting other photography work that i have been working on, 

I had a corporate head shot with a great stage writer, 

some portraiture work with a model, 

a couple of shots with the Dont Let Dunstable Die ladies,

plus i have started a personal project which can be seen over on the main website. 

Ashridge Snow Shoot.

Good afternoon,

This post is about a shoot I did a couple of weeks ago, but with my day job I have not been able to process and post these until now.  With the recent snow fall I really wanted to do a shoot out in the snow,

I chose Ashridge as I love shooting there,  it has so many different scenes and sets within a few feet from each other.

I will be posting a blog in the next couple of days of my ideas of flash lighting and the usage.

And a massive

Happy New Year to you all from a chilly oil rig in the north sea….

Here are the images from a snowy shoot over at Ashridge. 

Kelly Moss Ramsden snow outdoor flash light Ashridge Berkhamsted Hertfordshire 02
Kelly Moss Ramsden snow outdoor flash light Ashridge Berkhamsted Hertfordshire 02
The North Face sponsored Kelly Moss Ramsden snow outdoor flash light Ashridge Berkhamsted Hertfordshire 

The Vogue Collective. A brand new female band.

Hi all,

I was asked the other week to take some photos of a new fantastic girl group, who were having their debut night. 

Vogue collective battle of the bands london The Reveal

I googled the venue to try and get a feel for what the place had to offer. Great I thought!

I rocked up with a view in my mind of the venue and what shots I want. 

In reality - I turn up and was gob smacked at just how dark this place was!

The pictures off google now I realise must have been taken while the venue was closed, with all the lights on.

Certainly a good lesson to myself and something that I will be looking for in the future.

The stage was harshly lit with an incredibly dirty backdrop. So some serious post processing was needed.

The following images are of the girls, who I have to admit, were very good, and I will be looking forward to see them perform again.

Vogue collective battle of the bands Main Group Image

Vogue Collective consists of 5 god looking women who write and sing great songs.

In MY opinion they are not a cheesy girlie pop group, they certainly ooze talent and passion at what they do.

Look out for them and if they are playing in your town – go and see for your self, it will be a great evening.

Joey Bevan Vogue collective battle of the bands hair and make up
Vogue collective battle of the bands Corinne Burns mirror

The following images were lit by the huge flash light on the video guys video camera, which was great but for this to work you have to think fast and watch the scene set up infront of you.


A few words from the girls

“A new female band with a DIFFERENCE. Outstanding vocals, breath-taking performances, great songs.

This is NO girl group.

These are Five talented 'all Women' singers with a passion to succeed!

These five ladies- Becky, Corinne, Lucy, Melissa and Laurie are now VOGUE COLLECTIVE!”

Formed a month ago from competition ‘

Completing The Band

’UK UNSIGNED and founding band members

Becky Bray and Corinne Burns teamed up to form a band with a difference.....

They are currently taking bookings, 

Keep upto date with their latest news and videos on, 





Mr and Mrs Hart's Wedding day....

A few months ago i was asked by a good friend of mine if i would be interested in photographing his wedding. I heard lots of nightmare horror stories of their experience, of trying to find a photographer.

Most were coming in at a ridiculous price, others were very demanding, with statements like...

i must have 1 hour with just the bride and groom right after the ceremony, and the couple genuinely hated this pushy sell and type of photography.

I arranged a meeting with the bride and groom to talk about what is it, exactly they wanted.

They really love the reportage style and not all the posy type images.

More importantly they wanted a photographer not to be pushy and annoy the guests, which you would think would be an obvious request, end of the day in my opinion the Wedding is the couples day and NOT the photographers! But lots of professional photographers seem to forget this.

I have not been on any training/portfolio building excersises. Or have i ever been an assistant to a photographer.

And so into the deep end i jump! and didn't take the challenge half heartedly!

I had such an amazing day and would certainly love to do more Weddings, so i can push the creativity and learn more.

Here are a few of my fave images from the day....

James Gemma Hert wedding 01
James Gemma Hert wedding 02
James Gemma Hert wedding 03
James Gemma Hert wedding male group shot
James Gemma Hert wedding wedding car bride
James Gemma Hert wedding entering the church
James Gemma Hert wedding posing for photos
James Gemma Hert wedding posing for photos outside
James Gemma Hert wedding posing for photos outside by the lake
James Gemma Hert wedding fish and chips
James Gemma Hert wedding best man speach
James Gemma Hert wedding humour pictures
James Gemma Hert wedding guests


What i loved from all this... was the reaction from the bride and groom when they saw the album for the 1st time.

Those few minutes made the hours and hours of work worth it!

Thanks Guys.


A much younger Lee....

After a recent visit to my Mothers the photo albums came out....

I have an album dedicated just of myself.

Reflecting back to some old images its amazing how images, of yourself as a small child throw memories around and can instantly put you somewhere else.

As you can see my mother has always been keen on her photography. 

I have ran these through photoshop just to colour correct and give them a new life.

Check out the following images... these may mean nothing to you,

but if this does one thing.......

i hope you go through your cupboards,

your old albums..

Dig out your old images, sit back and enjoy the memories!

Younger Lee Ramsden baby
Younger Lee Ramsden toddler
Younger Lee Ramsden with my cousin Rikki Venstone
younger Lee Ramsden in Italy
younger Lee Ramsden small boy

A play with a fashion stylieee shot.

A trend at the moment seems to be a certain style of, id say a fashion shoot.

Its something that has intrigued me on how it was done for sometime and so I thought id get out and give it ago.

I knew the majority of the look was due to the right sun lighting. I was sat in one evening and the sun just looked perfect for what I wanted. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, you need to have recced locations before, so at the drop of a hat you know where to be to catch the weather.

With living in the country side there are numerous rapeseed fields around, and I love the colour and texture these produce.

But a word of warning, before you wade in, like i did,

wear some old trainers and old clothes — otherwise they get covered in the bright yellow pollen.

Here is the final image. I hope you like.

Kelly ramsden moss in a rape seed field yellow flowers sunset

Bank Holiday Weekend.

Well, what a contrast in weather we have had this weekend.

Friday I ended up out in Southend-on-Sea.

It was the first time I have been to Southend and I was fairly impressed.

It gave me the impression of a smaller Blackpool.

Few images from Southend.

Southend sunshine day out tourist board
Southend fairground amusement park pier sunshine.jpg
Southend Next deck chairs relaxing enjoying the music
Southend reflection clouds dark low key

After a Glorious day in the sun, Saturday I attended a BBQ of some family friends. 

Unfortunately the heavens opened up and washed us out.

The couple who's party it was have such a vibrant and good sense of humour. 

Raining BBQ British summer typical.jpg


I was asked by the talented Dawn from

Brents tattoo studio in Dunstable

to take some images of her working.

Dawn is a great artist and a passionate tattooist. She takes great pride in her work and you wont be leaving until she is happy with the image. Being very down the earth and approachable her clients come back time and time again.

Dawn has some great ideas and loves to push her creativity, I would very much recommend, that if you are looking for a new tattoo and fancy a one off piece,

go in and talk with her about what it is that you are after.


01 Tattoo Dunstble high street Brents studio Rikki Venstone Dawn art work creativity working needle manga girl designed by Luca Venstone
01 Tattoo Dunstble high street Brents studio Rikki Venstone Dawn art work creativity working needle manga girl designed by Luca Venstone
01 Tattoo Dunstble high street Brents studio Rikki Venstone Dawn art work creativity working needle manga girl designed by Luca Venstone
01 Tattoo Dunstble high street Brents studio Rikki Venstone Dawn art work creativity working needle manga girl designed by Luca Venstone
Manga Tattoo Rikki Venstone forearm arm