Behind the scenes, pregnancy lighting.


I hope that you have enjoyed this week of pregnancy images that i have posted.

Today i thought id share some behind the scenes images and some thoughts with the lighting used.

Maternity Pregnancy pregnantlighting strobes off camera flash professional lancashire photographer venetian blinds behind the scenes BTS set up

Fuji XT1 f5.6 1/30 ISO 800

As you can see from the above image, these were taken in my cramped dinning room. Even without a large space, using a little imagination and being creative with your space, you can create some nice images.

Maternity Pregnancy pregnant strobes off camera flash grey seemless backdrop back light low key high contrast Lee Ramsden

Nikon D800 f5.6 1/200 ISO 100

The important part i find is to light your subject how your like. Once lit well, then you can play with the background and try different things.

The above images are straight out of the camera. RAW files converted to JPGS.

Image on the left - the background was lit with a strobe covered with a red gell. Personally i didn't like this too much and so didn't process this.

The middle image - is obvious. I turned off the background light and so it rendered to black.

Image on the right - i turned the background light around and it shone on to the subject, bouncing back to illuminate the background.

The black background and the grey one, were processed to make the image have a little more interest. If you would like me to show in a future post how i did that, then please let me know.

lighting lit with an over head projector blossom trees skin pregnancy no flash natural Lee Ramsden

Nikon D800 f1.6 1/80 ISO 100 

The above images were not shown in the week, but thought id share them for a little fun.

They were lit, with a simple over head projector. The sort that were used in schools.

I printed on clear plastic an image of blossom i found on a stock image site.

No fancy photoshop here, just an image using a projector.

Maternity Pregnancy pregnant lighting strobes off camera flash long hair professional lancashire photographer images elenchrom quadra ranger snoot softbox grey seemless paper Lee Ramsden

Here is the lighting set up used for the bellow image. The bellow image is unprocessed. A converted RAW file again to JPG.

To create the lines on the background i used a venetian blind that i purchased from B@Q a while ago.

(It was defective and on sale for a fiver, result!)

The lights.

A - Nikon sb900 flashed through the blind to create the background. It was flagged to prevent spill onto the subject.

B- Nikon sb900 through a honey comb grid. To illuminate the bump.

C - Elinchrom Quadra through a snoot to add a touch of light on the face.

D - Elinchrom Ranger through another grid, to add some light on to the hair.

lit through venetian blind nikon sb900 elenchrom flash quadra ranger softbox out of camera unretouched Lee Ramsden Uk professional photographer

Nikon D800 f5.6 1/200 ISO 100

This was a fairly extensive lighting set up. It took a bit of time to set up, one light at a time.

When setting up lights like this, the subject has very little room to move. And so the set up takes patients from both parties. If your subject moves it can throw everything out.

Once the lights are set, relax. Make your subject relax and enjoy what you create!

I hope that you have enjoyed this week, viewing some work quite different from my norm.

Many thanks.


Pregnancy week.

Nikon D800 F5.6 1/200 ISO 100

Morning, thought id share each day this week an image that i have recently taken of my better half.

Thought id kick off with this one, lit with a key, back and hair light. Nothing on the back ground rendering it to absolute black.

Ill post at the end of the week a behind the scenes with the lighting rig.



Kelly moss ramsden pregnancy maternity


I hope that you are well and have had  a great weekend.

The Mrs and i are extremely happy to announce that there will be a little person with us soon.


For this shoot i booked us into the suite at the Hilton hotel in Leeds, I used a continuous Lupolux light and natural window light diffused through the net curtains. 

Kelly Ramsden Moss Pregnancy pregnant positive
Kelly moss ramsden Pregnancy pregnant Hertfordshire Lancashire
Kelly Ramsden Moss Pregnancy pregnant Hertfordshire Lancashire
Kelly ramsden moss Pregnancy

Long exposure using Lee Filters.

With recently purchasing some

Lee filters

i wanted to get out and have a play.

My mate Phil and i, headed out to London, i wanted try a show movement of people, and rush hour in London is ideal as its full of hustle and bustle.

Phil Richardson Yellowmelen tutorial workshop Long exposure london optimist tshirt

These images were shot at f16 with a 5 second shutter delay. Using ND filters they help you to achieve the long shutter speeds required for a shot like this. 

Phil Richardson Yellowmelen long exposure in London

I used a .09 ND filter for these images but i do also own the Lee 10 stop Big stopper. Which is an amazing filter used to achieve really really slow shutter speeds.  



Many thanks


A wonderful woman, which i am truly honoured to have photographed.

Aimee Pelgrom Funeral Amsterdam an amazing and loving woman

Hi guys, 

The following images are from my Aunts funeral taken in Amsterdam.

She was a true amazing lady, and will be sadly missed by many.

I was asked by the family to document this time in our lives, which was something very emotional and tough. 

I feel honoured and hope that i did you proud....

Aimee Pelgrom Funeral Amsterdam

A few family members signing the coffin, saying our goodbyes and having one last beer with her the night before the funeral. 

Aimee Pelgrom Funeral Amsterdam signing coffin
Aimee Pelgrom Funeral Amsterdam taking pictures of coffin

Her daughter taking images of peoples farewells. 

Aimee Pelgrom Funeral Amsterdam family carrying coffin
Aimee Pelgrom Funeral Amsterdam arrival to the church

Her daughter saying bye bye mama.


A huge turn out. 

A testament to her love for everyone. 

Aimee Pelgrom Funeral Amsterdam flowers rest in piece

Bye bye my dearest Aunt....


" i do not want tears and choir music, I want laughter and Rock and Roll..." - Aimee Pelgrom.

Facial Hair.

As a lot of you guys will know, i have just turned 30 yrs old. 

While i was away offshore with work it dawned on me that since i have started shaving (from about the age of 6!) i have never gone longer then 4 days without being clean shaven.  With spending a month away at work i decided that i would not shave. 

Here are a couple of images of me playing around with some face hair.  

Lee Ramsden with a beard
Lee Ramsden with a beard and clean shaven


Here is me going from a hairy creature to a clean suited individual.

The mrs goes Manga.

The girlfriend has some amazing talent with makeup, and is always looking to do shoots, so she can try out different ideas. 

With the new purchase of a new more powerful light, I'm always looking at practicing and trying new things, which works nicely together.

Here are a few images of Kelly with Manga eyes, which are drawn on by herself which i thought takes some talent on its own. 

Kelly Moss Manga Markyate industrial estate

 one light to the left. 

Kelly Moss Manga black and white in front of roller shutter door

One light to the left, with a speed light on the right.  

Kelly Moss Manga eye rear strobe light

One light directly above in a large Octa box, with a speed light coming from behind.  

Kelly Moss Manga eyes illuminating through fire escape stair case

 One light directly above in a large Octa box, with a speed light coming from behind.  

Kelly Moss Manga ramsden professional make up aritist

Lit with only one speed light.  

Kelly Ramsden Moss Manga USA t-shirt

Octa box to the right, and a speed light to the left. 

Kelly Ramsden Moss Manga eyes professional make up artist Lancashire

Octa box to the right, and a speed light to the left. 

Kelly Ramsden Moss Manga real eyes open smiling face

 Octa box to the right, and a speed light to the left. 

Kelly Ramsden Moss Manga eyes many faces different looks

These were all shot in my front room. Large Octa on the right, Speed light through a soft box to the left and a bare speed light onto the wall behind. 

Little people...

I headed up north for a work related course, 

(the offshore survival, where you get dunked upside down, in a helicopter, in a swimming pool, but thats another story!)

So while in the area i hooked up with my cousin who wanted some images of her kids, and it was a pleasure.

Im used to objects or people who do as i say and stand still. The little ones are full of beans and run around, which certainly keeps you on toes.

I look forward to do some more soon as they are little angels.

Child photography little girl in a brown coat
Child photography brother and sister enjoying the trees
Child photography little boy on a slide at the park

Linda's 60th.

Here are a few pics that i liked from Kelly's mums 60th,

It was a great day, but starting at 10am with a champagne breakfast always ends up very messy.

I have once again used Apple to make a printed album for all the images. Ok they are no Queensbury but this isn't a £3k wedding, for £25 (including postage) they are amazing! The quality is great and its such a nice way to preserve your holiday or event snaps. and make a great gift. 

If you are a Mac user, you make them through iPhoto and it couldn't be any easier to be honest. 

60th Big Ben Hummer Limo Westminster
60th Limo dropping off the birthday girl outside red phone box

Birthday Girl arriving in her carriage. 

60th Busy bar all watching sports on TV

 An immensely busy bar. I like the way everyone is focused on the same point..

60th st patricks day party goers enjoying guinness
60th London Hummer limo in the rain

Behind the Scenes / Lee Snowden

Lee Snowden behind the scenes lighting

My lighting set up of an image of Lee Snowden. 

The image of Lee as you can see was lit with 2 off camera speed lights. One to the front left to illuminate his face, and another bare to the right to try and create a high light down his side. 

Lee Snowden behind the scenes MET Bedfordshire police traffic cops on motor bikes

While out shooting a load of Police came by, luckly not for us :0)

Lee Snowden shoot guy jumps off dunstable downs

While at the location of the top image, this guy was setting up to jump.

Fair play! id love a go.


Thanks Lee.