Garage MK, Knight racer.

MK garage Milton Keynes car body repairs

I have recently taken some images for the guys over at Garage MK and Knight racer.

I was very impressed with some of the services that they offer, one which certainly does appeal.

If you are having work done on your car, from a service to a personalisation body kit or modification, they guys will come and pick up your car if you are in the Milton Keynes area from your home or work. So no hassle or inconvenience.

Garage MK and Knight Racer, also sponsor SSDA drift team and are at the drifting meets and competitions.

facebook page


MK garage Milton Keynes toyota tuning
MK garage Milton Keynes bullet proof mercedes
MK garage Milton Keynes Classic mini tune up
MK garage Milton Keynes turbo gauges
MK garage Milton Keynes mazda tuning
MK garage Milton Keynes delivering a car to customer

Jay picking up a car from a customers work place.

MK garage Milton Keynes delivering a car to customer
MK garage Milton Keynes classic mini grill
MK garage Milton Keynes car tuning

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The Garage MK.



for Knight-racer.

Mytime Health and Beauty.

Mytime Health and Beauty is a fantastic beauty salon based over in Potters bar. 

I was asked recently to do some images for their website and blog updates. I am very impressed what a great salon and how its run by a professional team. 

MyTime health and beauty award winner

An Award Winning Salon.


"MyTime aim is to give all our clients:

A sense of wellbeing and escape from the stress and strains of everyday life. 

Treating you holistically, meaning that your beauty comes from within. 

Help your body to work correctly. 

To promote a healthy mind, body and skin. 

After the first consultation we will recommend a bespoke course of treatments to meet your individual needs. You may be looking to enhance your appearance and look a million dollars or to re-balance your health and improve your posture... If so then we are here to help.

The salon will be a clean, comfortable and a pleasant environment to relax and enjoy yourself. Add a little of Mytime in your diary. Looking forward to seeing you soon."

The team offers a wide range of beauty, grooming and health treatments for both Men & Women. (The team: Holistic therapist, nurse performing Botox, Beautician and Advanced Cosmetic Procedure Specialist).

Mytime Health and Beauty is a short drive from the M25/ A1000 (5 mins). Conveniently located in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

Free parking outside the Salon, also there are car parks surrounding. Mytime Health & Beauty is almost in view of Potters Bar main line Train station & Bus stop.

Mytime Team

Kelly Moss, Owner/ senior therapist. Specialist

 in Facials for all skin and Massage for both relaxing and health problems.

Kelly began her career in 1996. She has worked around the world on cruise ship for the rich and famous and in top luxury spas and hotels in and around Hertfordshire and London.

Kelly has recently won Gold Salon Award in the UK 2009. An outstanding achievement for a newly established salon. Kelly has also been featured in magazines.

MyTime health and beauty welcomes you for a treatment

Louise Randall, Nail technician

Ross, Botox Nurse.

Mytime Health and Beauty, 

offer a luxury Stream room and Sauna as an exclusive and private Pre treatment for clients who require a deeper or corrective massage without the pain.

A fantastic way to enhance the de- stress and relaxation feel to both the body and the mind whilst at the same time increasing the body circulation and improvement of the skin.

MyTime health and beauty sauna
Decleor pairs professional products

Mytime offer all the latest treatments and products from large brands such as Decleor and Crystal Clear.

Crystal clear products and service offered at my time health and beauty

Thanks again to Mytime.

Few behind the scenes images.

I am currently trying more and more to improve and learn flash photography. I love natural lighting work, and would never try and annoy my clients with flashes going off at a wedding or event

With portraiture work and bridal shots I find flash lighting  can certainly aid in creating great images.

Here is a quick image showing with and without additional lighting.


As you can see the model certainly stands out and the image looks much better with additional lighting. It is as you can imagine not just a simple task of  turn on your flash and away you go. Some thought and testing has to be done.

From the images you can see in both that the background is how I wanted it.

Using a speed light in these images I didn’t use a light meter. I took an image without the light to get the back ground exposure correct and then I add the light.

Starting with the speed light on around half power and then I can turn the power up or down according to the exposure, or move the light source towards or further away from the model.

As always im learning while I do this, one thing I learnt from this shoot while lighting was to try and not to light the back ground so much. As you can see in the image above with the lighting, I love how the model stands out, but I would like her to stand out from the background more. From analyzing the images back at home on a large screen I think next time I will try and get the light too fall off the model better and not illuminate the background so much.

 Here are a few images of behind the gear, and from the serious shots before you can see how we have fun and laugh taking pictures.

All the images were lit with a single Nikon sb900 speed light in a ezylight soft box by lastolite.

snow outdoor flash light Ashridge Berkhamsted Hertfordshire 02
Nikon SB900 Exy soft box Kelly Moss Ramsden snow outdoor flash light Ashridge Berkhamsted Hertfordshire 01

The Vogue Collective. A brand new female band.

Hi all,

I was asked the other week to take some photos of a new fantastic girl group, who were having their debut night. 

Vogue collective battle of the bands london The Reveal

I googled the venue to try and get a feel for what the place had to offer. Great I thought!

I rocked up with a view in my mind of the venue and what shots I want. 

In reality - I turn up and was gob smacked at just how dark this place was!

The pictures off google now I realise must have been taken while the venue was closed, with all the lights on.

Certainly a good lesson to myself and something that I will be looking for in the future.

The stage was harshly lit with an incredibly dirty backdrop. So some serious post processing was needed.

The following images are of the girls, who I have to admit, were very good, and I will be looking forward to see them perform again.

Vogue collective battle of the bands Main Group Image

Vogue Collective consists of 5 god looking women who write and sing great songs.

In MY opinion they are not a cheesy girlie pop group, they certainly ooze talent and passion at what they do.

Look out for them and if they are playing in your town – go and see for your self, it will be a great evening.

Joey Bevan Vogue collective battle of the bands hair and make up
Vogue collective battle of the bands Corinne Burns mirror

The following images were lit by the huge flash light on the video guys video camera, which was great but for this to work you have to think fast and watch the scene set up infront of you.


A few words from the girls

“A new female band with a DIFFERENCE. Outstanding vocals, breath-taking performances, great songs.

This is NO girl group.

These are Five talented 'all Women' singers with a passion to succeed!

These five ladies- Becky, Corinne, Lucy, Melissa and Laurie are now VOGUE COLLECTIVE!”

Formed a month ago from competition ‘

Completing The Band

’UK UNSIGNED and founding band members

Becky Bray and Corinne Burns teamed up to form a band with a difference.....

They are currently taking bookings, 

Keep upto date with their latest news and videos on, 





Adding Colour to your images with Photoshop.

Kelly moss Ramsden blue head scarf cropped


Here are a couple of images taken 2 weeks ago. 

Its been awhile since i last worked with beauty editing, and so fancied having a play. 

I've missed playing on images like these, smoothing skin, enhancing colours, changing background lighting effects etc etc. 

But in todays post i wanted to show you how to add some colour to YOUR images, 

in a simple couple of clicks in Photoshop. 

Im using Photoshop CS5, but this technique certainly works in older versions and Pshop elements. 

kelly head scarf in colour
Kelly Ramsden Blue head scarf

Open your image that you are wanting to colour into Photoshop. 

Next add an adjustment layer of Hue/Saturation, as you can see in the following image. 

HDR image photoshop tutorial

In the Hue/Saturation adjustment dialogue box there is a tick box called colorize, 

Tick this box and move the Hue slider from left to right and see the colour change. 

You can play with the saturation and light/darkness sliders to adjust to the desired effect. 

HDR image colourize 2

Don't forget by doing this adjustment on a separate layer, you can also adjust the opacity if you feel it is too strong for what you are wanting rather then directly to the image. 

In the coloured image of Kelly above, i used this technique with a mask on the colorized layer to "paint in" more colour onto the lips, and another layer to change and enhance the colour of the eyes, to really make them pop. 

There are many ways of doing this technique but i find this way certainly the quickest and most straight forward.

Also by trying the "Blend Modes" on the coloured layer you will see lots of cool effects and different looks to play with.

I hope you enjoyed this post and i look forward to produce other Photoshop technique posts.

If you have any questions on this post, or other techniques that you would like to see,

Please feel free to comment,



Regiment Fitness training.

For a few months now i have been training with the guys and girls over at

Regiment Fitness

Here are a couple of images that i have created for them. 

01 Regiment fittness dunstable downs bedfordshire gate

Why not start Getting in shape,

 01 Regiment fittness dunstable downs bedfordshire

Here are a few words from Regiment on what they are all about..

"We are a fitness company who specialize in military style training outdoors. Our classes take place on the fantastic site of Dunstable Downs, where we are surrounded by panoramic views and plenty of fresh air!

Regiment Fitness provides a variety of enjoyable training activities within a supportive group, so expect something different each session to keep you on your toes!

Your instructors are fully qualified with military backgrounds and are helpful and encouraging, aiming to help you achieve exactly what you want from your fitness programme.

We cater for all levels of fitness and interests including team runs, paired skills, endurance running, muscular endurance circuits and much more. This variety of activities means boredom is not an option, something many people find training at their local gym!

Whatever you are looking for to get fit and STAY fit, Regiment Fitness is at the core of what you need!

Come and see for yourself… train outside, feel great inside!"

‘Help for Heroes’ is supported by Regiment Fitness. 10% of each session fee will be donated to this charity.

Regiment Fitness classes are now running -

Saturday mornings from 10:00am – 11:00am - Dunstable Downs site.

Sundays mornings from 10:30am  - 1130am - Stockwood Park Luton. 

Tuesday evenings  from 18:30pm - 19:30pm - Stockwood Park Luton.

Wednesday evenings from 18:30pm - 19:30 - Dunstable Downs site. 

Regiment Fitness can show you the path to success!


I was asked by the talented Dawn from

Brents tattoo studio in Dunstable

to take some images of her working.

Dawn is a great artist and a passionate tattooist. She takes great pride in her work and you wont be leaving until she is happy with the image. Being very down the earth and approachable her clients come back time and time again.

Dawn has some great ideas and loves to push her creativity, I would very much recommend, that if you are looking for a new tattoo and fancy a one off piece,

go in and talk with her about what it is that you are after.


01 Tattoo Dunstble high street Brents studio Rikki Venstone Dawn art work creativity working needle manga girl designed by Luca Venstone
01 Tattoo Dunstble high street Brents studio Rikki Venstone Dawn art work creativity working needle manga girl designed by Luca Venstone
01 Tattoo Dunstble high street Brents studio Rikki Venstone Dawn art work creativity working needle manga girl designed by Luca Venstone
01 Tattoo Dunstble high street Brents studio Rikki Venstone Dawn art work creativity working needle manga girl designed by Luca Venstone
Manga Tattoo Rikki Venstone forearm arm

Pregnancy Photos.

Here are a few images taken from a recent pregnancy shoot.

These were the first pregnancy images that i have done,

it was mid day and so for an outdoor set it was hard light, but the venue at  Ashridge college was stunning.

I hope you enjoy.

Lousie pregnancy pregnant maternity monochrome large tree shadows
Pregnancy Maternity pregnant image cuddling
Pregnancy pregnant maternity Ashridge college Hertfordshire Bedfordshire Lee Ramsden
Rob and Louise pregnancy pregnant maternity images
Rob and Louise pregnancy pregnant maternity images

The final image was lit, with 2 SB900's. 

One to camera right nearly in front of the couple, and the second positioned behind the couple through a white brolly.


Xav and Corinne Shoot.

Good friends of mine Xav and Corinne wanted some pictures taking of themselves. 

Corinne is a singer/song writer. Her personal site is here and goes under the name Vanessa René

" and so want a promo pic, where as Xav loves his bike and so wanted one with his beloved triumph bike...

The Bike picture, i was trying again with the flash at sunset theme i like. This has worked better then the car one i have previously done. 

Once again the TTL mode is letting me down. It has made me bite the bullet and im saving for some pocket wizard flash syncs. With syncs you can be so much more creative too, rather then just placing the flashes where they can see one another.

Here are my 2 favourite images from the day.

<img src="Xav Lomas" alt=" Xav Xavier Lomas Triumph motorbike weybridge surrey lee ramsden">
<img src="" alt="Vanessa rene singer song writer lee ramsden"> 

Ronin Ryu Atemi JuJitsu, Martial Arts Club.

A mate of mine runs a martial art club in Blackpool. I loved the idea of trying to catch some natural shots of the guys, and girl - doing they're thing.

I didn't want to use a flash on this shoot so I could fit in better and try to be unnoticed.

Scot who runs the Club is a fantastic teacher, very clear and puts things into perspective, so everyone can understand. 

The people who train there are great, there are no ego's, 

all just want to train hard and enjoy it.

Scot runs self defence and fitness classes also.

They dont have a site as such but they are contact able via their

facebook page. 

<img src="Ronin Rhy" alt="Scot Tudhope Judo Throw Black belt master martial arts teacher professional Lee Ramsden"> 
<img src="Ronin Rhy" alt="Scot Tudhope Judo Throw Black belt master martial arts teacher professional Lee Ramsden">