Model Shoot

Fantasy Police.

Hi All,

As like most photographers i have had lots of ideas floating about in my note books and so it is time to start creating these images.

The following idea kinda grew out of something else.

The girl friend has got a new car, a lovely little Mazda MX5, which is great fun in the summer with the roof down by the way.

Being mega happy like a big kid i thought that it would be nice to take some pictures for her with her new toy.

I had the idea of long boots and jacket with the car right from the kick off, but was looking for the right location to set it. A fellow photographer friend suggested this place as it has all the items that i was looking for,

Cobbled streets, iron fire escape - it was perfect.

Using  a public street like this certainly comes with its own troubles.

We have to be polite and considerate, if other vehicles come by we have to move, plus all the local nutters come out and talk to you as they must not see things like this very often.

Back to the shot- 

as i was looking for quite a dark styled shot, sin city came to mind, and so this character was born. A sort of dark comic book styled female police officer.

The props - the guns and police badge come off Amazon for a couple of quid. The pistols are bright blue plastic toy guns, as you can not have replica weapons in the street and i did not fancy getting swarmed by REAL armed police.

I hope you enjoy.

Kelly Moss Ramsden Police bad cop Mazda MX5

Strobist info :- This image was lit with 2 SB900's, one bare on the left picking up the car and creating the pool of light on the ground where as the second was in a softbox on the right of the image picking up the female.

Kelly Moss Ramsden patroling police cop car
Kelly Moss Ramsden bad cop Mazda MX5 out door flash lighting
Kelly Moss Ramsden Cop police girl officer handcuffs

Kelly Moss Ramsden Cop police girl officer handcuffs

Few behind the scenes images.

I am currently trying more and more to improve and learn flash photography. I love natural lighting work, and would never try and annoy my clients with flashes going off at a wedding or event

With portraiture work and bridal shots I find flash lighting  can certainly aid in creating great images.

Here is a quick image showing with and without additional lighting.


As you can see the model certainly stands out and the image looks much better with additional lighting. It is as you can imagine not just a simple task of  turn on your flash and away you go. Some thought and testing has to be done.

From the images you can see in both that the background is how I wanted it.

Using a speed light in these images I didn’t use a light meter. I took an image without the light to get the back ground exposure correct and then I add the light.

Starting with the speed light on around half power and then I can turn the power up or down according to the exposure, or move the light source towards or further away from the model.

As always im learning while I do this, one thing I learnt from this shoot while lighting was to try and not to light the back ground so much. As you can see in the image above with the lighting, I love how the model stands out, but I would like her to stand out from the background more. From analyzing the images back at home on a large screen I think next time I will try and get the light too fall off the model better and not illuminate the background so much.

 Here are a few images of behind the gear, and from the serious shots before you can see how we have fun and laugh taking pictures.

All the images were lit with a single Nikon sb900 speed light in a ezylight soft box by lastolite.

snow outdoor flash light Ashridge Berkhamsted Hertfordshire 02
Nikon SB900 Exy soft box Kelly Moss Ramsden snow outdoor flash light Ashridge Berkhamsted Hertfordshire 01

Adding Colour to your images with Photoshop.

Kelly moss Ramsden blue head scarf cropped


Here are a couple of images taken 2 weeks ago. 

Its been awhile since i last worked with beauty editing, and so fancied having a play. 

I've missed playing on images like these, smoothing skin, enhancing colours, changing background lighting effects etc etc. 

But in todays post i wanted to show you how to add some colour to YOUR images, 

in a simple couple of clicks in Photoshop. 

Im using Photoshop CS5, but this technique certainly works in older versions and Pshop elements. 

kelly head scarf in colour
Kelly Ramsden Blue head scarf

Open your image that you are wanting to colour into Photoshop. 

Next add an adjustment layer of Hue/Saturation, as you can see in the following image. 

HDR image photoshop tutorial

In the Hue/Saturation adjustment dialogue box there is a tick box called colorize, 

Tick this box and move the Hue slider from left to right and see the colour change. 

You can play with the saturation and light/darkness sliders to adjust to the desired effect. 

HDR image colourize 2

Don't forget by doing this adjustment on a separate layer, you can also adjust the opacity if you feel it is too strong for what you are wanting rather then directly to the image. 

In the coloured image of Kelly above, i used this technique with a mask on the colorized layer to "paint in" more colour onto the lips, and another layer to change and enhance the colour of the eyes, to really make them pop. 

There are many ways of doing this technique but i find this way certainly the quickest and most straight forward.

Also by trying the "Blend Modes" on the coloured layer you will see lots of cool effects and different looks to play with.

I hope you enjoyed this post and i look forward to produce other Photoshop technique posts.

If you have any questions on this post, or other techniques that you would like to see,

Please feel free to comment,



Attend 1st Photography course on outdoor flash lighting.

I have recently been hooking up with Phil over at

Melen Studios

Phil was running an outdoor flash lighting course and so had to attend.

I have been a fan of flash photography, but just lack the knowledge how to use it properly. So a course was right up my street to push and progress my photography.

I would strongly recommend


ran by these guys-

a day outside with a load of cool down to earth people being creative sounds more like fun to me rather then a course.

Here are a few images from the day..

Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training a proffesional creative
Alister Peck Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training
Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training happy guy
Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training teaching flash lighting
Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training male model
Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training female model

A play with a fashion stylieee shot.

A trend at the moment seems to be a certain style of, id say a fashion shoot.

Its something that has intrigued me on how it was done for sometime and so I thought id get out and give it ago.

I knew the majority of the look was due to the right sun lighting. I was sat in one evening and the sun just looked perfect for what I wanted. Like I have mentioned in previous posts, you need to have recced locations before, so at the drop of a hat you know where to be to catch the weather.

With living in the country side there are numerous rapeseed fields around, and I love the colour and texture these produce.

But a word of warning, before you wade in, like i did,

wear some old trainers and old clothes — otherwise they get covered in the bright yellow pollen.

Here is the final image. I hope you like.

Kelly ramsden moss in a rape seed field yellow flowers sunset

Home Made Studio.

With a recent purchase of some Pocket Wizard flash syncs, i was excited to try them out.

This is the first time ive tried to recreate studio looked images.

Im fairly happy with the results, the one of the male on his own is too flat and im not keen on the shadows against the wall, but its all a learning curve :0)

for you strobists out there,

the images were lit with 2 Nikon SB900's, one to the left with an umbrella,

And one to the right with a home made cardboard snoot.

varied power from image to image. 1/32 -  1.4 etc...

Kelly Moss Ramsden Lee Ramsden Hugging Cuddling tongue out humour
Kelly Moss Ramsden model image flash lighting practice in the home
Chris Riley Adidas track suit smiling happy

Xav and Corinne Shoot.

Good friends of mine Xav and Corinne wanted some pictures taking of themselves. 

Corinne is a singer/song writer. Her personal site is here and goes under the name Vanessa René

" and so want a promo pic, where as Xav loves his bike and so wanted one with his beloved triumph bike...

The Bike picture, i was trying again with the flash at sunset theme i like. This has worked better then the car one i have previously done. 

Once again the TTL mode is letting me down. It has made me bite the bullet and im saving for some pocket wizard flash syncs. With syncs you can be so much more creative too, rather then just placing the flashes where they can see one another.

Here are my 2 favourite images from the day.

<img src="Xav Lomas" alt=" Xav Xavier Lomas Triumph motorbike weybridge surrey lee ramsden">
<img src="" alt="Vanessa rene singer song writer lee ramsden"> 

Assisting on a Spinx Photography shoot.

Last week i was kindly asked by Aimee Spinx, to help out and assist on a shoot she had to do for her uni work. 

A big key for me is there are no egos present, idea’s get thrown about and the work site is a fun and buzzing experience, which puts the models at ease and it shows through in their work.

Be sure to check out the finished pieces on Aimee’s

website Here are a few of my visions of the day…

Nikon D90 Make up before Lee Ramsden professional shoot
Nikon D90 Window light posing material Aimee Spinks
Aimee spinks photographer photography portraiture lee ramsden professional photographer movie stills

50's Style shoot.

There are many shoots out there of pin up girls, from different eras. 

I really fancied giving it ago.

Kelly has got the largest wardrobe of clothes known to man. So had a rummage around to see what she could find.

She found the out fit in the shoot, which we thought was a 50's style. We looked online for hair styles from that period.  

With Kelly being a hair and beauty expert she did all her own makeup and hair for this shoot.

I have just bought a second, off camera flash. This was the first shoot where I had used another light source. 

It was mainly a flash on a tripod, through an umbrella to soften the light.

I thought the light brought a cool and new edge to my work and am really interested into pushing this idea further.

Nikon D90 Kelly Moss Kelly Ramsden 50's 60' style dress Lytham St Annes Leather Belt tweed suit shoot Lee Ramsden blog
Nikon D90 Behind the Scenes brushing hair getting ready make up lee ramsden kelly moss kelly ramsden

First Model Shoot.

This is my First time at going out and doing some posed model shots,

The weather was great, dry and sunny.

If too sunny you will find your model squinting, then if turn round they will be in a huge shadow and so takes abit of playing.

I wasn't very good at making the model pose a certain way, and so I let her do her thing. Move around and ill take pictures, with the brilliance of digital you can view your images instantly, and see what poses work and which dont. So then you can see your favourites and push that look further.

Here are a couple of the day, 

<img src="Kelly Moss 50s" alt="Kelly Moss Ramsden Blackpool Beachs 50's dress Lee Ramsden">
<img src="Kelly Moss.jpg" alt=" Kelly moss Ramsden sunglasses laughing fun happy summer dress Lee Ramsden">