Helvellyn Composite.

Morning, I thought id share a composite image that i created recently for a bit of fun.

I am still yet to climb Striding edge, but will complete this in the summer.

As i have mentioned in previous posts, i do these type of images as i really enjoy thinking of a concept and then trying to execute the idea, and if nothing else it certainly hones my photoshop skills making me quicker and understand all the tools more in depth.



Metal Prints. Loxley Colour.

Hi all,

Hope that you are all set and ready for the festive period about to kick in.

If not...... good luck.

Just a quick one today, thought id Share an image of a print i have recently had made for me by the guys over at

Loxley Colour. 

Loxley, Loxley Colour, Alumini Print, Aluminium, Shard, London, Photography, buy, order, contact

I decided on ordering a metal print, to really make this print shine. I am truly speechless, the quality is fantastic. The turn around from order to your front door is also really impressive.

I was never a fan of the metal prints, but maybe it is just i have never seen the right image displayed. A landscape or a high saturated image really shines and looks impressive, a blurred HDR picture from your iPhone of your dog or selective colour will not benefit being printed on metal, never.....

This is Loxley's largest metal print size, 60x40 inch. I sent them an image with a size of 30x20 and they managed to double the size perfectly.

This is not a cheap print though, but i feel it is worth every penny. You certainly pay for quality.

This photo of me stood with it does it no justice what so ever...

Something you really have to see in person!

I had made some framed prints for clients and am very impressed.

We will certainly be sticking with Loxley Colour now for all our professional prints.

Have a great festive holiday and hope to see you in the new year.



Kelly moss ramsden pregnancy maternity


I hope that you are well and have had  a great weekend.

The Mrs and i are extremely happy to announce that there will be a little person with us soon.


For this shoot i booked us into the suite at the Hilton hotel in Leeds, I used a continuous Lupolux light and natural window light diffused through the net curtains. 

Kelly Ramsden Moss Pregnancy pregnant positive
Kelly moss ramsden Pregnancy pregnant Hertfordshire Lancashire
Kelly Ramsden Moss Pregnancy pregnant Hertfordshire Lancashire
Kelly ramsden moss Pregnancy

Facial Hair.

As a lot of you guys will know, i have just turned 30 yrs old. 

While i was away offshore with work it dawned on me that since i have started shaving (from about the age of 6!) i have never gone longer then 4 days without being clean shaven.  With spending a month away at work i decided that i would not shave. 

Here are a couple of images of me playing around with some face hair.  

Lee Ramsden with a beard
Lee Ramsden with a beard and clean shaven


Here is me going from a hairy creature to a clean suited individual.

Little people...

I headed up north for a work related course, 

(the offshore survival, where you get dunked upside down, in a helicopter, in a swimming pool, but thats another story!)

So while in the area i hooked up with my cousin who wanted some images of her kids, and it was a pleasure.

Im used to objects or people who do as i say and stand still. The little ones are full of beans and run around, which certainly keeps you on toes.

I look forward to do some more soon as they are little angels.

Child photography little girl in a brown coat
Child photography brother and sister enjoying the trees
Child photography little boy on a slide at the park

New Job.

Azerbaijan IRATA industrial rope access Caspian sea SKN workers drilling helideck James Stewart

Hello all,

Its has been awhile since my last post. I have been very busy with my job abroad over in Baku - Azerbaijan.

In the last 17 weeks I have been back in the UK less then 2 weeks and so i have been run off my feet.

After new year i will be on a rota and have more time off which is good news,

Here are a few images from being offshore over in Baku. The images were taken on my Canon G10.

map Azerbaijan Caspian sea

Azerbaijan on the world map

Azerbaijan IRATA industrial rope access Caspian sea abseiling

This one is funny,

one of the bosses came out of his office, to stand on the ground, watch me set up the ropes, then proceed to abseil down.

When i get to the bottom he approaches me..

"F- That, look at how high you are!"

"Yeah i know" i tell him,... its my job and this isn't that extreme.

"thats not for me" he says "Shouldnt there be specialists that do this?"

Ha ha yeah... me you clown.. Now go back to your warm office and watch through the window...

Azerbaijan IRATA industrial rope access Caspian sea abseiling offshore oil rig Shardeniz
azerbaijan BP oil rig Shadeniz caspian sea IRATA industrial rope access Caspian sea abseiling 

Hong Kong vacation.


Well it feels like a life time ago since i last made a post. But i have been a busy one with work and other commitments, so i am seriously playing catch up now, as have a large amount of images to work through. 

Hong Kong cable car ride

Here are some of the images from a recent trip to Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong view of the city

A view from the highest point on the Island.

Hong Kong market cutting up a chicken

Market Stall.

Hong Kong Kelly Moss Ramsden eating noodles
Hong Kong Spiral stair case
Hong Kong financial district bar enjoying a beer

On the beach, where you can see the double Shark nets.


 A British bar.   


                                                            Part of the 5.5km escalator. 


View from the 5.5km escalator. 


Fantasy Police.

Hi All,

As like most photographers i have had lots of ideas floating about in my note books and so it is time to start creating these images.

The following idea kinda grew out of something else.

The girl friend has got a new car, a lovely little Mazda MX5, which is great fun in the summer with the roof down by the way.

Being mega happy like a big kid i thought that it would be nice to take some pictures for her with her new toy.

I had the idea of long boots and jacket with the car right from the kick off, but was looking for the right location to set it. A fellow photographer friend suggested this place as it has all the items that i was looking for,

Cobbled streets, iron fire escape - it was perfect.

Using  a public street like this certainly comes with its own troubles.

We have to be polite and considerate, if other vehicles come by we have to move, plus all the local nutters come out and talk to you as they must not see things like this very often.

Back to the shot- 

as i was looking for quite a dark styled shot, sin city came to mind, and so this character was born. A sort of dark comic book styled female police officer.

The props - the guns and police badge come off Amazon for a couple of quid. The pistols are bright blue plastic toy guns, as you can not have replica weapons in the street and i did not fancy getting swarmed by REAL armed police.

I hope you enjoy.

Kelly Moss Ramsden Police bad cop Mazda MX5

Strobist info :- This image was lit with 2 SB900's, one bare on the left picking up the car and creating the pool of light on the ground where as the second was in a softbox on the right of the image picking up the female.

Kelly Moss Ramsden patroling police cop car
Kelly Moss Ramsden bad cop Mazda MX5 out door flash lighting
Kelly Moss Ramsden Cop police girl officer handcuffs

Kelly Moss Ramsden Cop police girl officer handcuffs

IRATA level 3.

IRATA industrial rope access training course


Well something quite large has happened with my day job.

I am now an IRATA level 3.

IRATA = Industrial Rope Access Trade Association.

After 6 years of working in the oil and gas industry as an electrician on the ropes I have gained the experience and worked my way up to become a working at height safety supervisor.

It certainly makes the job more interesting and has opened up lots of opportunities.

I know this is a photo-blog and readers who follow me will know that from time to time I post some more personal things,

But on a photography note, if there are any photographers who need help with shooting something different and from a different perspective, I can help out and we can achieve your goals… safely.

IRATA industrial rope access training course

Here are a few words explaining what the Level 3 is all about.

Level 3 (Supervisor)

The IRATA Level 3 certificate is the top level in the IRATA certification scheme. The Level 3 takes on the role of Team Leader, Safety Supervisor, Rescue-man and Rigger. Thus far IRATA rope access has an impeccable safety record, this is largely due to the quality of Level 3's in the field.

A level 3 Safety Supervisor shall:

  • Be capable of complete responsibility for work projects
  • Be fully conversant with relevant work techniques and legislation
  • Be able to demonstrate all the skills and knowledge required of levels 1 and 2
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of advanced rescue techniques
  • Equipment selection, inspection, care and maintenance
  • Operational planning and risk assessment
  • Team Management and responsibilities
  • Hold an appropriate current First Aid Certificate, to show they have undertaken suitable emergency First Aid training. (First Aid requirements vary from company to company)

An early train station

With moving down to the south of the UK, I am really enjoying heading into the capital.

There is always so much to see and do when in London. 

The activities alone as you can imagine could fill a blog site on their own. 

Here is an image that I took while waiting for the train at stupid o'clock one morning. 

We both loved the sun rising in the background, so rather then have a brew in the warmth,

we stood out in the freezing weather and a few images had to be taken. 

The face was a bit under exposured, against this background. I brought what highlights i could back with the adjustments brush in camera raw. 

Kelly Moss Ramsden early morning train

Regiment Fitness training.

For a few months now i have been training with the guys and girls over at

Regiment Fitness

Here are a couple of images that i have created for them. 

01 Regiment fittness dunstable downs bedfordshire gate

Why not start Getting in shape,

 01 Regiment fittness dunstable downs bedfordshire

Here are a few words from Regiment on what they are all about..

"We are a fitness company who specialize in military style training outdoors. Our classes take place on the fantastic site of Dunstable Downs, where we are surrounded by panoramic views and plenty of fresh air!

Regiment Fitness provides a variety of enjoyable training activities within a supportive group, so expect something different each session to keep you on your toes!

Your instructors are fully qualified with military backgrounds and are helpful and encouraging, aiming to help you achieve exactly what you want from your fitness programme.

We cater for all levels of fitness and interests including team runs, paired skills, endurance running, muscular endurance circuits and much more. This variety of activities means boredom is not an option, something many people find training at their local gym!

Whatever you are looking for to get fit and STAY fit, Regiment Fitness is at the core of what you need!

Come and see for yourself… train outside, feel great inside!"

‘Help for Heroes’ is supported by Regiment Fitness. 10% of each session fee will be donated to this charity.

Regiment Fitness classes are now running -

Saturday mornings from 10:00am – 11:00am - Dunstable Downs site.

Sundays mornings from 10:30am  - 1130am - Stockwood Park Luton. 

Tuesday evenings  from 18:30pm - 19:30pm - Stockwood Park Luton.

Wednesday evenings from 18:30pm - 19:30 - Dunstable Downs site. 

Regiment Fitness can show you the path to success!

A family movie from 1995...

I was trying to work out when the following video was made, im guessing around 1995, which would put me at

13 years old. I had borrowed a sony camcorder, which was about the size of small family car at the time.

Please excuse the quality, it just didnt exsit back then, 

I have edited this movie in iMovie, but the sound remains very quite.



Horse's- some body, please help me understand..

Here is just a quick image of a horse that i have seen locally in a field near to where i live.

Its covered in flies and smells, so please someone help me understand the love and admiration people have for these animals?

Is it a status thing? "ooo we own a horse"?

or do they really give you joy and love back?

They cost an arm and leg in bills, and unless you have a nice plot of land,

will live miles away from your home.

To be honest my dislike is the blank look they have...

A dog say, if it is going to kill you its obvious,

from the signs of foaming at the mouth, the narly teeth and just general vibe.

Where as a horse...

It might kill you, or want to mate with you,

and you will never know...

Dirty Horse flies on its nose

A much younger Lee....

After a recent visit to my Mothers the photo albums came out....

I have an album dedicated just of myself.

Reflecting back to some old images its amazing how images, of yourself as a small child throw memories around and can instantly put you somewhere else.

As you can see my mother has always been keen on her photography. 

I have ran these through photoshop just to colour correct and give them a new life.

Check out the following images... these may mean nothing to you,

but if this does one thing.......

i hope you go through your cupboards,

your old albums..

Dig out your old images, sit back and enjoy the memories!

Younger Lee Ramsden baby
Younger Lee Ramsden toddler
Younger Lee Ramsden with my cousin Rikki Venstone
younger Lee Ramsden in Italy
younger Lee Ramsden small boy

Attend 1st Photography course on outdoor flash lighting.

I have recently been hooking up with Phil over at

Melen Studios

Phil was running an outdoor flash lighting course and so had to attend.

I have been a fan of flash photography, but just lack the knowledge how to use it properly. So a course was right up my street to push and progress my photography.

I would strongly recommend


ran by these guys-

a day outside with a load of cool down to earth people being creative sounds more like fun to me rather then a course.

Here are a few images from the day..

Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training a proffesional creative
Alister Peck Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training
Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training happy guy
Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training teaching flash lighting
Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training male model
Phil Richardson Yellowmelen photography training female model

Bank Holiday Weekend.

Well, what a contrast in weather we have had this weekend.

Friday I ended up out in Southend-on-Sea.

It was the first time I have been to Southend and I was fairly impressed.

It gave me the impression of a smaller Blackpool.

Few images from Southend.

Southend sunshine day out tourist board
Southend fairground amusement park pier sunshine.jpg
Southend Next deck chairs relaxing enjoying the music
Southend reflection clouds dark low key

After a Glorious day in the sun, Saturday I attended a BBQ of some family friends. 

Unfortunately the heavens opened up and washed us out.

The couple who's party it was have such a vibrant and good sense of humour. 

Raining BBQ British summer typical.jpg