Infrared black and white processing.

Morning, i thought id share a couple of images taken at the local using the infrared filter.

Above are two images, one was taken normally and processed to black and white, where as the other is an infrared image then processed to black and white. 

As you can see there is quite a difference. The infrared image was shot at a longer exposure and so the water will obviously look quite different but i do like what happens with the foliage. 

02 infrared leaves city park hoya r72 filter

Nikon D800 70-200@200mm f3.5 1/80th ISO5000

Leaves high in a tree. I liked how the light was illuminating a small section. This again is a processed infrared image. This is a noisy file due to the high ISO used. I was trying to gain a fast shutter speed to eliminate any motion from the wind blowing the leaves. 

04 infrared lake city park hoya r72 filter

Nikon D800  70-200@70mm f8 13th ISO800

I have noticed that along with the Sky, water goes blue also. 


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Architectural detail.

monochrome architectural architect detail London moreLondon abstract art fine

Nikon D800 f10 60sec ISO100 24-70mm@38mm

Good morning, 

Here is an abstract image of some architecture detail taken in London's moreLondon area. 

I hope that you enjoy. 


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Canary Wharf on the river Thames, London

<img src="Big Ben.jpg" alt="Big ben westminster river Thames London Bridge houses of Parlament reflaction long exposure Lee Ramsden">

Nikon D800 F14 30seconds 24-70mm@24mm ISO100

Image taken of Canary Wharf, London's financial district at 05:00hrs to catch the sunrise. 

Like with all landscape photographs it is a gamble with the weather. 10 minutes after setting up the fog came in and nothing was to be seen. This was the best frame of the shoot and you can see the clouds coming in. 

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A cold trip to Helvellyn.

Helvellyn Lake District cold morning Nikon D800 Lee Ramsden Cumbria tent camping night

Nikon D800 f8 1.5seconds ISO100 with various flash bursts around the scene.


Last week i headed out to try and take some pics up Helvellyn in the lakes. I was losing light as i didn't plan on the amount of weight i carried would slow me down so much, and so i pitched up here rather then planned for the evening. 

I awoke at 3am and the place was covered in snow. At first light there was an absolute white out, and was very thankful for carrying a GPS with me as navigating would of been near on impossible in zero visibility. 

So photo wise it was a failure but a good heavy load carry is a well received for a bit of Phys after the indulgent new year. 

Helvellyn, Lakes, Lake District,  Naked, walking boots, Tent, cold

Nikon D800 f5.6 1/50th ISO800

Brrrrrrr a fresh morning.....

Helvellyn Lake District Cumbria camping breakfast jetboil stove

Nikon D800 f2.8 1/50th ISO5000 Lit with red head light.

Breakfast for a king... 



Blackpool on a Shitty Afternoon.

Blackpool Seasside Lancashire Lee Ramsden bad weather long exposure

Nikon D800 61sec F14 ISO 100

Hi all and Happy New year.

Apologise for the tittle to this post, but i am climbing the walls to do a shoot and so headed out this afternoon. Not much going on but thought that was kind cool.

Sorry I'm no good at making flamboyant arty titles up like most, there seems to be more thought gone into the title then the image in a lot of cases.

I aim to head up to the lakes at the end of the week if i have not returned to Scotland for my day job.

Hope you are well.


Metal Prints. Loxley Colour.

Hi all,

Hope that you are all set and ready for the festive period about to kick in.

If not...... good luck.

Just a quick one today, thought id Share an image of a print i have recently had made for me by the guys over at

Loxley Colour. 

Loxley, Loxley Colour, Alumini Print, Aluminium, Shard, London, Photography, buy, order, contact

I decided on ordering a metal print, to really make this print shine. I am truly speechless, the quality is fantastic. The turn around from order to your front door is also really impressive.

I was never a fan of the metal prints, but maybe it is just i have never seen the right image displayed. A landscape or a high saturated image really shines and looks impressive, a blurred HDR picture from your iPhone of your dog or selective colour will not benefit being printed on metal, never.....

This is Loxley's largest metal print size, 60x40 inch. I sent them an image with a size of 30x20 and they managed to double the size perfectly.

This is not a cheap print though, but i feel it is worth every penny. You certainly pay for quality.

This photo of me stood with it does it no justice what so ever...

Something you really have to see in person!

I had made some framed prints for clients and am very impressed.

We will certainly be sticking with Loxley Colour now for all our professional prints.

Have a great festive holiday and hope to see you in the new year.


Canary Wharf London.

Here is an image of Canary Wharf.

canary wharf London Photography Train line Long Exposure light trails

This image came about after alot of scouting on google maps, and street view.

From the way the road intersects with the rail line i thought that it would be worth checking out.

If you take you time and plan where you want to be at sun rise certainly goes a long way.

Hope you are having a great weekend.


Result from location scouting.

Morning all, hope that you are having a good weekend.

Here is an image from the post a few weeks ago i did on my iPhone about location scouting.

New gauge intake house, River Lea, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Hertford

I like to find locations in the day time of places to shoot in sunset or sunrise.

In day light you can work out your compositions and have a plan of attack.

and then at 03:30hrs when pitch black in a cow pat field, it makes work so much easier.  

Take care


New gauge intake house - River LEA - Hertford.

Canary Wharf London.

London river Thames canary wharf ponoramic iPhone photography

With recently spending some time at the in-laws waiting for the baby to arrive, i have used the time to head out and about at sunrise 

Above is an iPhone image of my location on the Thames. 

Alarm call for 02:15hrs - and headed out, just a shame the weather did not really play ball, but thats landscape photography for you. 

Below is the image created by the d-slr.

This is certainly a location ill revisit to try and capture an image of more what i had in my mind. 



Canary Wharf London Isle of dogs Thames financial

15 minute exposure using Lee filters big stopper and circular polariser. 

The View at The Shard London photography tips.

Hi, how are you? 

I hope that you are well, while I'm stuck out at work on the rig for a month....

mobile, iphone, Lee, Ramsden, London, The View From The Shad, Landscape, Photography, Lancashire, HDR

Last week for the Mrs's birthday we took a trip to the new viewing platform in the Shard building- London.

72 floors high you get an incredible view of London.

You have to book in advance, and pick your time slot, i was particular in that i wanted sunset to dark.

After googling the timings i was happy that we would catch the setting sun, but just had to have our fingers crossed for the weather :0)

london View from the Shard HMS Belfast river Thames Tower Bridge

As you can see, we were so very lucky in the weather front, after so much snow and bad weather recently.

I wanted to give a couple of tips that i found so handy while shooting here.

and these tips will not only help if you fancy going up the Shard but I'm guessing 99.9% of tourist locations.

Tip 1

- The venue Tripod ban...

A lot of tourist venues have a tripod ban and so you are not allowed to enter with / or use one.

Manfrotto G clamp

As you can see i over came this by using a Manfrotto magic arm, and super clamp. 

The security observed me using this and did not bother in the slightest. 

While using the clamp and magic arm, i treated it like a tripod and so was using my cable release to gain much longer shutter speeds. 

Tip 2

- Don't for get your polariser filter.

To try and reduce the reflections you gain shooting through the glass, a circular polariser filter is not perfect, but cuts down the problem loads. 

Nothing will stop the other members of public and their point and shoots, using the flash - still amazed at what they recon the on camera flash will light up. 

That its, i can really recommend the Shard, it was a fantastic experience. 

Keep in touch in the comments bar bellow...





Dungeness train track colourised red landscape image

Recently myself and a group of photographer friends headed over to Dungeness in Kent.

This is a place that over time has been heavily photographed and numerous filming taken place.

As from my images you can understand why, the landscape has an almost martian feel to it, with Dungeness being one of the largest expanses of shingle in the world.

Dungeness photogroup having lunch

A quick pint and burger to fuel the creative brain cells...

Dungeness photo group enjoying a beer
Dungeness HDR black and white

Part of the "maintained" landscape.

Dungeness Ali Alister Peck photography

Al taking images.

Dungeness setting sun

There have been five lighthouses at Dungeness.

At first only a beacon was used to give warning to sailors, but this gave way to a proper lighthouse during the reign of James I in 1615. As the sea retreated, this had to be replaced in 1635 by a new lighthouse nearer to the water’s edge. As more shingle was thrown up, a new and more up-to-date lighthouse was built near the sea in 1792. In 1901 lighthouse number four was commissioned; then in 1961 its modern successor, the black and white lighthouse number five, was commissioned and the Old Lighthouse became a tourist attraction. Its 169 steps give visitors a bird’s eye view of the shingle beach.

Dungeness Phil Richardson Yellowmelen balance on train tracks

Phill... well being Phill

Dungeness off camera flash lighting power station

An image taken in almost pitch darkness, lit with 2 speed lights in umbrella's.

Dungeness night flash lighting.jpg

A quick snap shot to show the lighting positions. The light in the middle was a flash light used for focus purposing.