BP Miller oil and gas installation Helideck.

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Today id like to show a few single images. In recent times the Civil aviation has instructed for all UK oil and gas installations to install specific lighting set up on their helidecks, if they require flights in the hours of darkness.

The illuminated helideck against a North Sea sunset makes for quite an interesting image. 




London early morning.

<img src="morelondon" alt="The Shard greater London city ong exposure Lee Ramsden river Thames">

Nikon D800 f14 60sec ISO100 24-70mm@28mm

Good morning, 

An images taken from Tower bridge at 04:35hrs. I shot this purposefully knowing that the sun will rise behind me. Some times shooting towards the sun isn't always the best option. I wanted to illuminate the buildings and not cast them into silhouette. As the sun raised it lit up the buildings perfectly just as i wanted. 

This concludes the two weeks of colour London images. 

I hope that you have enjoyed my colour London photos as i have sharing them with you. 

Next week starts 10 days of Black and white images of London. 


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Unknown photographer

<img src="unknown photographer.jpg" alt="unrise sunset london city moreLondon tower Bridge office building reflection clouds Lee Ramsden">

Nikon D700 f18 1/160 ISO3200 21mm

Another crazy ISO3200 frame from a recent timelapse made in London, with tower bridge in the distance, taken on moreLondon property, dodging the security guards... 

I have no idea who the silhouetted man is, but it was a stunning sky and so why not capture it on your phone on the way to the office. 

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Canary Wharf on the river Thames, London

<img src="Big Ben.jpg" alt="Big ben westminster river Thames London Bridge houses of Parlament reflaction long exposure Lee Ramsden">

Nikon D800 F14 30seconds 24-70mm@24mm ISO100

Image taken of Canary Wharf, London's financial district at 05:00hrs to catch the sunrise. 

Like with all landscape photographs it is a gamble with the weather. 10 minutes after setting up the fog came in and nothing was to be seen. This was the best frame of the shoot and you can see the clouds coming in. 

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Two weeks of London in colour.

Hi, and welcome to the new blog format. 

I thought that id kick things off with over the next two weeks ill be posting an image a day of London. I hope you like them, and please feel free to share these on your social media sites giving credit to the photographer Lee Ramsden, and add the URL to your RSS readers. 

Many thanks.


<img src="London.jpg" alt="London moreLondon tower bridge river Thames long exposure writing office buildings street lighting Lee Ramsden">

Nikon D800 F11 15seconds 24/70mm@24mm