Testing of fire equipment.

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Along with practicing emergency exercises, an oil and gas platform regularly tests its emergency equipment. Today we see the helideck fire fighting equipment being tested. 

davie jess, david jess, offshore, north sea, oil and gas, deck forman, HLO, helicopter landing officer, on the phone, photo by Lee Ramsden

Tannoy being given, to warn all personnel of cascading water and that fire pumps are about to start. 

John McQuaid, cape, offshore, north sea, deck crew, industrial worker, offshore, oil and gas industry, photo by Lee Ramsden

Technician remote starting pumps from different panels. 

BP Miller oil and gas installation Helideck.

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Today id like to show a few single images. In recent times the Civil aviation has instructed for all UK oil and gas installations to install specific lighting set up on their helidecks, if they require flights in the hours of darkness.

The illuminated helideck against a North Sea sunset makes for quite an interesting image.