Lytham St Annes

Lytham Time lapse iPhone images.

Kessler crane timer oracle controler control count down timelapse uk england

Here are a few iPhone images taken whilst i was waiting for a time lapse set up to complete.

As you can see from the above image i had 4 and a half hours to kill...

Kessler crane timer oracle controler control count down timelapse uk england cineslider slide

The Kessler Cineslider. So far I'm pretty impressed with this bit of kit. Each time i take a time-lapse it gets tweaked and set up slightly different. Using lighting stands and moveable heads with the aid of a spirit level helps no end in getting the shoot straight from start to finish. 

time lapse rig kessler sun set colours nikon d700 iphone iphonography slider estury sea beach colours golden hour

My old Nikon D700 is now used for the time lapse work.  

Lytham life boat jetty pier esturay beach sea sand black and white
Lytham St Annes Lancashire England windmill sea beach sand grass bright blue sky church spire iphone image iphonography iPhone4s lee ramsden photography

Lytham green and windmill. 

Lytham Timelapse.

The attached Youtube video is my first attempt. (well with usable footage)

and a play with 4K.

On average each sequence was around 4hours of shooting time. Which on a cold January morning, or evening certainly makes the process harder and you have to check and double check everything so not to waste your time by not producing any usable footage. Which happened on more than one occasion.

Below are some stills taken from playing with a time-lapse rig.

This is something that i really like the look of and will be pursuing the opportunities further.

green windmill timelapse Lytham St Annes Lancashire night time

Nikon D700 F8 5.0 ISO800

Lytham green windmill timelapse St Annes Lancashire sunrise

Nikon D700 F8 2.0 ISO800

Lytham green windmill St Annes Lancashire

Nikon D700 F8 1/400th ISO200

Lytham St Annes Lancshire pier wood wooden dog walkers

Nikon D700 F5 1/8000th  ISO200

green windmill timelapse Lytham St Annes Lanacshire setting sun sea reflection

Nikon D700 F5 1/125th ISO200

green windmill timelapse Lytham St Annes Lancashire pier wood wooden setting sun sea reflection

Nikon D700 F5 1.6 ISO800

Little people...

I headed up north for a work related course, 

(the offshore survival, where you get dunked upside down, in a helicopter, in a swimming pool, but thats another story!)

So while in the area i hooked up with my cousin who wanted some images of her kids, and it was a pleasure.

Im used to objects or people who do as i say and stand still. The little ones are full of beans and run around, which certainly keeps you on toes.

I look forward to do some more soon as they are little angels.

Child photography little girl in a brown coat
Child photography brother and sister enjoying the trees
Child photography little boy on a slide at the park

Justins Clio Sport.

A  mate owns a Renault Clio Sport and wanted some pictures taking.

On a freezing Sunday morning,

Parked up on Lytham front and took some shots. 

The 2 images below are HDR. 

But have been processed differently, as I processed them in layers building up the scene. Personally I feel that they are too much and so i will be stepping back from the HDR technique for a little while to try out other views. 

<img src="Renault Clio sport" alt="Justin Napier HDR mad sky beach over done cooked silver fake unrealistic look old style lee ramsden"> 
<img src="Renualt Clio sport turbo 2 litre" alt="HDR Lytham Beach fast car">  

A new Buzzword for you "Vert-o-rama"

I have seen many photographers now adding albums and calling photos vertorama's.

What is a vertorama? Well simply it's a panorama but vertically. Makes sense now..

for the following images i wanted to play with HDR more.

HDR explained:

"High dynamic range (HDR) images enable photographers to record a greater range of tonal detail than a given camera could capture in a single photo.  This opens up a whole new set of lighting possibilities which one might have previously avoided"

I set the camera to 9 exposures, of different shutter speeds to achieve the full tonal range of a subject.

Took these images into Photomatix software, then a colour balance and tweak in Photoshop. 

But for a Vert you need to do this for all the sections of the photo and then blend together.

The following images are all 9 exposures but into 3 sections, (top-mid-bottom),

So that works out at 27 pictures per each one!

<img src="Vertorama" alt=" vertorama vertical lee ramsden long grass sunset foreground waterbeach Lytham St Annes"> 
<img src=" Lytham life boat" alt="estury sunset sunrise dusk dawn lee ramsden"> 

First time Using Flash at Sunset

I have seen in many different places where i want to take a picture of something while the sun is setting. 

Previously i normally get a silhouette of your subject... 

Well a pop of flash is then required.

So now you have a nice background and your subject all looking good.

Well, I had this shoot for the first time last night, and used the car as the subject.

I took my flash off camera, fired by Nikon's TTL infra-red mode.

The effects are lovely but the TTL mode was driving me nuts, as they have to be in line of sight. So would fire it felt like whenever they wanted.

The flashes were direct light and faced from different angles until I was happy.

Once again this is something im really liking at the moment and so will be Blogging more of this style as and when.

<img src="Audi S-Line Quttro" alt="Audi Fairheaven Lake Lancashire Quattro S3 Sline s-line lee ramsden photography">
<img src="Audi S-Line Quttro" alt="Audi Fairheaven Lake Lancashire Quattro S3 Sline s-line lee ramsden photography">

50's Style shoot.

There are many shoots out there of pin up girls, from different eras. 

I really fancied giving it ago.

Kelly has got the largest wardrobe of clothes known to man. So had a rummage around to see what she could find.

She found the out fit in the shoot, which we thought was a 50's style. We looked online for hair styles from that period.  

With Kelly being a hair and beauty expert she did all her own makeup and hair for this shoot.

I have just bought a second, off camera flash. This was the first shoot where I had used another light source. 

It was mainly a flash on a tripod, through an umbrella to soften the light.

I thought the light brought a cool and new edge to my work and am really interested into pushing this idea further.

Nikon D90 Kelly Moss Kelly Ramsden 50's 60' style dress Lytham St Annes Leather Belt tweed suit shoot Lee Ramsden blog
Nikon D90 Behind the Scenes brushing hair getting ready make up lee ramsden kelly moss kelly ramsden