Mirrella Forshaw

Its Christmas and i have just treated my self to a DSLR camera

Well Christmas is here with us once again,

While browsing over all the websites and shops, for presents for my loved ones, I thought it's finally time to bite the bullet and buy a dSLR.

Ive been a Canon IXUS point and shoot user for many years now and have upgraded a couple of times.

Now on facebook people are uploading images which just make me envious, as they are producing images which are well out of the baby IXUS's league.

With being a Canon user for years I was toying with the idea of a dSLR from them, but a few people have been raving about the Nikon brand, without getting into a Debate, Canon Vs Nikon, I have opted for the Nikon D90, and guess what?? I LOVE it!!

She came with the 18-105mm kit lens.

Here are a couple of images where im trying to get to grips with all the millions of settings, buttons and dials.

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