Working in the oil and gas industry - Travel.

01 Waiting for the train that is never on time at train station with my north face luggage

Fuji film X-T1  f8 1/80 ISO200


I thought that it has been awhile since i have brought this blog offshore with me, and so today i am posting some pictures of the largest part of working away... The travel. 

Next week's post is from the North sea oil platform. 

I hope that you enjoy.

02 train has arrived at the station blackpool south lytham st annes

Fuji film X-T1  f4.5 1/80 ISO200

Train one of four.

03 female train ticket conductor collecting tickets

Fuji film X-T1  f3.2 1/125 ISO400

My largest company expense is travel.

Each year the prices go up, and the service goes down....

04 girl with her luggage at preston train station

Fuji film X-T1  f8 1/60 ISO200

Train two pulling into the station. 

05 train arriving at the platform Edinburgh Haymarket

Fuji film X-T1  f9 1/30 ISO200

Train number three

06 man with luggage walking along train station platform at Edinburgh waverley

Fuji film X-T1  f18 1/15 ISO200

Unknown back packers. All aboard train four. 

07 rail bridge man on the train in the shaddows Scotish scotrail

Fuji film X-T1  f9 1/30 ISO200

Crossing the forth rail bridge. 

08 lee ramsden wedding photographer editing professional photo while on the train

Fuji film X-T1  f7.1 1/125 ISO200

Trying to use my time productively and edit some wedding images. 

09 Aberdeen train station people elighting from a ScotRail train

Fuji film X-T1  f4 1/125 ISO320

Arrived Aberdeen station. 

10 Aberdeen Jet bus Airport city center cheaper than a taxi

Fuji film X-T1  f4.5 1/125 ISO320

Aberdeen has the most expensive taxi's in all of Europe. Where  you can use the Jet bus, its real cheap. 

11 View from primier inn Aberdeen airport window airoplane close to the runway

Fuji film X-T1  f3.2 1/125 ISO800

They said that the hotel is close to the airport.... they are not wrong. 

12 Aberdeen premier inn room double bed with no Lenny Henry

Fuji film X-T1  f3.2 1/60 ISO500

Finally - 8 hours later, 4 trains and a bus i can get some sleep. 

And to be honest this is an easy journey. I spent 4 years where i had a train, 5 hours international flight, taxi and then a boat to get to the platform. 

13 Talisman Auk north sea oil and gas platform

Image courtesy google images

Please check next weeks post where i will display some images taken from the above platform.


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The Isles of Shetland.

Aberdeen airport flight shetland work business plane airoplane cold morning commute luggage workers construction travel air miles eastern airways flybe, british airways, run way, stand

iPhone 4s 1/15 f.2.4 ISO500

Working in the oil and gas industry I have spent my fair amount of time on the Isles of Shetland.

It has felt like a second home at times, and over the summer of 2014 I was spending more time there than at home.

St Ninians bay Shetland sea gull view landscape beautiful gorgeous rocks mountains tide

iPhone 4s 1/270 f.2.4 ISO50

I feel privileged to have had the chance to spend so much time on such a gorgeous island, even with the brutal weather for 9 months of the year, this does not bring the spirit of the local inhabitants down.

The local people that I encountered and worked with, were amazing, lovely people. They appear to have a different look on life and take things in their stride.

Living in such remoteness they have became resourceful with the weekend evening entertainment, with the party busses which tour round the island villages, visiting the bars on a pub crawl - fancy dress in mandatory!

They sell Puffin poo to is a delicacy!!


They breed miniature horses,

Shetland pony horse miniture little legs mane barbewire fencing sunset flare flair clouds warm windy Shetland home black and white

iPhone 4s 1/1700 f.2.4 ISO50

They dress up as Vikings and after spending a whole year, and thousands of pounds on building the most detailed / intricate wooden boat…. they set fire to it.

uphelia festival shetland Welcome to Shetland vikings Lerwick Festival of light local inhabitant dress history shield axe sword cow hide wings helmet

iPhone 4s 1/300 f2.4 ISO50

The airport of Scatsta was closed for two days, as an employee was getting married and so all the airport personnel attended the wedding.

Shetland Scatsta airport Voe lower runway plane  airoplane oil gas industry workers industrial eastern airways commute passenger flight

iPhone 4s 1/20 f.2.4 ISO160

The island attracts many hill walking enthusiasts and photographers, but it is clear to see why.

With the unique landscapes,

(not a single tree to be seen though as it is too windy and the ground being peat),

migrating puffins, stunning beaches and many different festivals through out the year.

I could happily spend my days later in life, up on a hill, on the Shetland isle away from the problems, hustle and bustle of normal life, enjoying each day as it came.

St Ninians bay Shetland sun set walking photography natural cause way sand beach cold water sea view landscap tourist island swim cold windy visting

Fuji X-PRO1 1/600  f.5 ISO 200 at 14mm

Note - 

At the present moment in time, if you are looking to visit, I personally would recommend the Isle of Lewis or Skye, only because Shetland is currently having a gas plant being built, with another on the cards and so the main towns are bursting with contractors. If you were to hire a little cottage away from the towns then I am sure you wouldn’t even notice.

iPhone 4s images were taken with the standard camera app and so the meta data shown is not controlled by my self. All images edited using the in phone Snapseed app. 

Shetland Voe black white water rain drops path road bad weather window drissle drizzle telegraph pole peat

iPhone 4s 1/120 f2.4 ISO50

Shetland Scalloway cloud wind farm fog golf course road tarmac valleys colourful sky sun rise

iPhone 4s 1/60 f2.4 ISO64

Dale Wilson HSE Petrofac Shetland Lerwick port fog bibby Stockholm accomodation barge workers construction gas plant fencing head lights grey

iPhone 4s 1/540 f2.4 ISO50

Shetland pony close up horse miniture little legs mane barbewire fencing sunset flare flair clouds warm windy

 iPhone 4s 1/2000 f.2.4 ISO50

Shetland pony horse miniture little legs mane barbewire fencing sunset flare flair clouds warm windy Shetland home

iPhone 4s 1/2000 f.2.4 ISO50

Apache two 2 ii ship cable laying vessel docked lerwick technip boat working cable pipe laying sea industry industrial helideck bridge life boat night bad weather

iPhone 4s 1/120 f2.4 ISO3200

Apache two 2 ii bridge captain controls buttons screen directions gps navigation work pilot graph charts steer

 iPhone 4s 1/15 f.2.4 ISO400

Amsterdam canal by boat.

Amsterdam canal boat ride

As followers of this blog will know i head over to Amsterdam at least twice a year,

It is such an amazing city, spilling out at the seams with art and design. 

My favourite way to view this city has to be on the canals by boat. Im very lucky that my cousin and her fella have their own boat. 

Grab some beers, head out and enjoy the diverse and interesting sites of Amsterdam!

Amsterdam views by boat
Amsterdam canal boat captain
Sexy Amsterdam
Amsterdam red light district girls in the windows

A couple of days in Amsterdam.

Once again i headed over to Amsterdam to catch up with my family and friends out there for the Queensday celebrations. 

Here are a few images from the couple of days i spent there. 

Amsterdam break dancing on the street

 Street performers in the main square. 

Amsterdam central park

Amsterdam isn't really known for its parks, but there are are few little gems hidden away.

Amsterdam queens kings day orange photo frame orange

Have you picture taken.. and a beer all for  €4.. bargain! Thats where wedding photographers are going wrong, they dont include any beer in their packages...

Amsterdam canal geracht queens kings day full of party boats people wearing orange

One busy party Canal.  

Amsterdam Queens Kings day street selling cocktails

This lady is having a good time. 

Amsterdam Queens Kings day canal boats orange flare and smoke


Amsterdam Queens Kings day free hugs

They say you dont get anything for free... 

Amsterdam Queens Kings day street party

 Street party.

Amsterdam Queens Kings day live out door music
Amsterdam Queens Kings day family dancing

My aunty and cousin rock and rolling.. I love the smile on my aunts face, it shows how happy we all were to be there.  

Amsterdam Lumix GF1 low light high ISO amazing camera cafe de paridiso rega bouncy castle lion dj

A Bouncy Castle, a Lion and an African DJ... only in Amsterdam.. 


Dungeness train track colourised red landscape image

Recently myself and a group of photographer friends headed over to Dungeness in Kent.

This is a place that over time has been heavily photographed and numerous filming taken place.

As from my images you can understand why, the landscape has an almost martian feel to it, with Dungeness being one of the largest expanses of shingle in the world.

Dungeness photogroup having lunch

A quick pint and burger to fuel the creative brain cells...

Dungeness photo group enjoying a beer
Dungeness HDR black and white

Part of the "maintained" landscape.

Dungeness Ali Alister Peck photography

Al taking images.

Dungeness setting sun

There have been five lighthouses at Dungeness.

At first only a beacon was used to give warning to sailors, but this gave way to a proper lighthouse during the reign of James I in 1615. As the sea retreated, this had to be replaced in 1635 by a new lighthouse nearer to the water’s edge. As more shingle was thrown up, a new and more up-to-date lighthouse was built near the sea in 1792. In 1901 lighthouse number four was commissioned; then in 1961 its modern successor, the black and white lighthouse number five, was commissioned and the Old Lighthouse became a tourist attraction. Its 169 steps give visitors a bird’s eye view of the shingle beach.

Dungeness Phil Richardson Yellowmelen balance on train tracks

Phill... well being Phill

Dungeness off camera flash lighting power station

An image taken in almost pitch darkness, lit with 2 speed lights in umbrella's.

Dungeness night flash lighting.jpg

A quick snap shot to show the lighting positions. The light in the middle was a flash light used for focus purposing.




Hong Kong vacation.


Well it feels like a life time ago since i last made a post. But i have been a busy one with work and other commitments, so i am seriously playing catch up now, as have a large amount of images to work through. 

Hong Kong cable car ride

Here are some of the images from a recent trip to Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong view of the city

A view from the highest point on the Island.

Hong Kong market cutting up a chicken

Market Stall.

Hong Kong Kelly Moss Ramsden eating noodles
Hong Kong Spiral stair case
Hong Kong financial district bar enjoying a beer

On the beach, where you can see the double Shark nets.


 A British bar.   


                                                            Part of the 5.5km escalator. 


View from the 5.5km escalator.