Working in the oil and gas industry - Travel.

01 Waiting for the train that is never on time at train station with my north face luggage

Fuji film X-T1  f8 1/80 ISO200


I thought that it has been awhile since i have brought this blog offshore with me, and so today i am posting some pictures of the largest part of working away... The travel. 

Next week's post is from the North sea oil platform. 

I hope that you enjoy.

02 train has arrived at the station blackpool south lytham st annes

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Train one of four.

03 female train ticket conductor collecting tickets

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My largest company expense is travel.

Each year the prices go up, and the service goes down....

04 girl with her luggage at preston train station

Fuji film X-T1  f8 1/60 ISO200

Train two pulling into the station. 

05 train arriving at the platform Edinburgh Haymarket

Fuji film X-T1  f9 1/30 ISO200

Train number three

06 man with luggage walking along train station platform at Edinburgh waverley

Fuji film X-T1  f18 1/15 ISO200

Unknown back packers. All aboard train four. 

07 rail bridge man on the train in the shaddows Scotish scotrail

Fuji film X-T1  f9 1/30 ISO200

Crossing the forth rail bridge. 

08 lee ramsden wedding photographer editing professional photo while on the train

Fuji film X-T1  f7.1 1/125 ISO200

Trying to use my time productively and edit some wedding images. 

09 Aberdeen train station people elighting from a ScotRail train

Fuji film X-T1  f4 1/125 ISO320

Arrived Aberdeen station. 

10 Aberdeen Jet bus Airport city center cheaper than a taxi

Fuji film X-T1  f4.5 1/125 ISO320

Aberdeen has the most expensive taxi's in all of Europe. Where  you can use the Jet bus, its real cheap. 

11 View from primier inn Aberdeen airport window airoplane close to the runway

Fuji film X-T1  f3.2 1/125 ISO800

They said that the hotel is close to the airport.... they are not wrong. 

12 Aberdeen premier inn room double bed with no Lenny Henry

Fuji film X-T1  f3.2 1/60 ISO500

Finally - 8 hours later, 4 trains and a bus i can get some sleep. 

And to be honest this is an easy journey. I spent 4 years where i had a train, 5 hours international flight, taxi and then a boat to get to the platform. 

13 Talisman Auk north sea oil and gas platform

Image courtesy google images

Please check next weeks post where i will display some images taken from the above platform.


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